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     I’m excited to share that during the month of May, a collection of my Antique Postcard Art will be featured at Jafajems, in Montclair, New Jersey.  Since 1998, this venue owned by Carol Jafagee, has offered a unique collection of textiles, furnishings, and decorative items for the home including pillows, throws and carpets, pottery, artwork and candles, furniture, frames and glassware.

Montclair Train Station, c. 1920

     Carol has been a client of mine for some time. In December, after contacting me to order artwork for her shore home, we discussed the possibility of having my artwork carried in her shop. Now, I am happy to announce that during the month of May, Jafajems will feature a dozen pieces of artwork created especially for this venue; a mix of original vintage postcard art (1905-1940s) presenting scenes of Montclair, Glen Ridge and New York City. 

Buildings of NYC – 1940s

     Since 1989, I’ve created thousands of these postcard creations for many gift-giving occasions especially suited for those who have “everything”. These small works of art offer great nostalgic impact; preserving memories of hometowns, favorite cities, special vacations spots and more, as well as postal history. 
     I truly look forward to this opportunity as Montclair, a suburb of New York City, is a community where over the past several years I’ve developed a loyal following. At one time, it was my privilege to be involved in helping to organize the former Montclair Craft Show, an event that once featured the work of the area’s finest artisans.
     Spring time is a perfect time for starting anew – and it’s been refreshing getting back into painting (and blogging). I will continue to post about my writing (lots going on there) as well. 

Springtime in Paris – c. 1910

     I also thank so many of you who have reached out to me, and my family, after the loss of my sister, Manette in March. Being immersed in the creative process helps to stay positive during difficult times, but I truly miss her encouragement and sense of humor. 
     If you’ve got any questions regarding my art and/or writing, please feel free to contact me at If you wish to be on my newly developing mailing-list please use my contact page to  provide your e-mail and USPS mailing address. 
     If you live in Essex County or nearby, I hope you’ll stop by Jafagems to explore Carol’s shop and add to your art collections this May, and beyond!
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Presenter/Keynote Speaker for the Manasquan River Artist Group last November

For information about  Jafajems please visit:

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Presentation to Manasquan River Artists Group (NJ)

Since 1990, I’ve participated in more than 500 art shows, my work has been displayed at numerous venues in the Tri-state area, and I’ve served as a board member and jurist, helping to organize several arts events. I’m grateful for all the judges, curators, colleagues and my clients who helped me to thrive as a productive working artist.

In my High School Art Studio, a perceptive art instructor encouraged me to use acrylics sensing it was a good medium for me (after watching me struggle with pastel and water colors). She also guided me to create my first painting on slate, a very forgiving surface. I’d go on to produce hundreds of these paintings. I still love working with the natural lines and quirks of each “rock” and find the slate surfaces (and now masonite) very receptive to acrylic paint, perfect for layering and changing one’s mind! Acrylic paints are also incredibly adaptable; just add water to thin for a watery effect, use additives to create body, highlight with oil pastels and spray on some gloss finish – magic!


In 1990, I began working with vintage postcards making them the focal point of my work. Although I haven’t kept track, I’ve created and sold well over 1,000 pieces. My artwork hangs on the walls of offices and homes throughout the world. 

One of my former writing instructors once said to me that she believed writers were born, not made. Many feel that way about artists. Although art has always been a part of my life, I didn’t set out to have a career as a Fine Artist (or an author), but if it is true that we are born, or destined for a vocation, than the Creative World is one where I’ve learned I belong, even with all its inherent set backs.

The Art Show life presents many challenges; rain storms, high winds, blizzards, the ability (or inability) of an event promoter to promote, the health of the current tourism season (in the Northeast, H. Sandy ended many events), a weak economy and competitive venues offered by on-line options.

Then there are the long rides to get to show sites and the physical labor of putting up tents and displays and dealing with “neighbors” who encroach on your designated (and well paid-for) show space, or complain about how terrible an event is (I actually began writing as a way to shut out their negativity).

While I enjoyed my community of fellow-artists and customers, many who became friends, working so many weekends caused me to miss  numerous occasions like weddings and family reunions.

For the past seven years or so, I’ve spent time transitioning to the life of a writer, but lately, missing the painting process, I’ve spent more time on that side of the loft (see previous post). Now, my aim is to create on-line marketing initiatives to help promote my artwork, relying on my Social Media platform, while retaining a handful of in-person events. It’s also rewarding to reconnect with returning customers who are happy to reconnect and add some new pieces to their collections!

As I patiently await some publishing news (something that is ongoing and comes with the territory), I find peace, inspiration and “my rock” in the process of painting where I can just add water and go with the flow or start over when ever I feel the need.

To follow me along the Creative Path,  and of course check out art (and writing). Please LIKE my professional page and visit often as I’ll be posting paintings on a daily basis throughout December (and beyond).

Thank you.


"Is it dog week yet?"

"Is it dog week yet?"

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Hooper in the Keys

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