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Welcome…this blog was established to promote the legacy of National Dog Week and my book project, Every Dog has its Week: How Seven Days in September came to celebrate Dogs and the Humans who Love them.  To learn more, please see ABOUT!

NOTE: As the day of the pup-tials nears, Giorgio and “Lady B” are receiving so many nice wedding gifts…stay tuned for updates and a post about Ada Nieves’ plans for the big Pre-Westminster Show.  To read a nice review of my own artwork, please go to  A portion of my sales this weekend will go to a local animal shelter.

“Two little dogs who have made a huge difference in the world of animal rescue & awareness met, fell in love, and are getting married!”

This post features a lighter “tail” of the dog world, one that embraces the season of love and the generosity of the human spirit that exists among the New York City dog-community, and beyond.  I know some will think it’s frivolous, or worse, to write about dog weddings, and in the next post, Ada Nieves’ Pre-Westminster Fashion Show, but please keep in mind the proceeds from these events go to help a lot of needy pups, and give many humans a purpose, and meaningful work. So set your serious side off-leash for a moment, and smile as you read, I dare you not to…

Erika Friedman and her staff are busy getting ready for another fun Canine Celebration event, a Doggy Wedding to be held on Saturday, February 12 at PetCo at 1280 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York from 1-3 pm… I wrote about Erika and her business in posts in the Archives dated September 25 and October 21.…/153991841277982.

The bride, Beignet, aka “Lady B,” is a Maltese from Clearwater, Florida, born on December 15, 2004; a Sagittarius, owned by Christina Ann Janssen. Beignet is a fashionista, and the inspiration for her mom’s business “Lady B. Couture”.~Clothing & Accessories for the “Well-Heeled” Canine! Giorgio, who “belongs to” AuntChristine Pellicano, began his life as a puppy mill dog in a pet shop where no one wanted him because he was considered oversized for his breed. Giorgio, a Leo, turns 15 in July. As the Naked K9, Giorgio is the official greeter and head master of AuntChristine’s Little Dog House (a private bed and biscuit for Yorkies & Maltese) . He is passionate about his mission to help senior dogs in need. He even has his own website where he posts pets in need at NYC’s Animal Care & Control and the rescue groups that save these dogs. He uses this page to raise money for those rescue groups, including K9Kastle.   

Beignet & Giorgio met on Facebook last year where Giorgio asked “Lady B” to be his “friend” and included a note telling her how beautiful he thought she was. “Lady B” accepted his friendship and they have been posting on each other’s walls and reading each other’s status updates ever since. They finally met in person at Fashion Week 2010 where Beignet could not resist Giorgio’s fashion sense. That evening Giorgio surprised her with a pink “diamond” Bling Bone engagement ring. As both are born under fire signs, this pairing is definitely muy caliente!

Their “HuMoms” have become great friends bonded by their work as animal activists, rescuing fellow angels who have fallen to the depths of despair. According the Mother of the Groom, “Giorgio says he’s the luckiest dog on the planet to have won the heart and paw of Lady B. He’s not sure why such a beautiful young lady even gave him a second look. He doesn’t even have papers (except for his wee wee pads)! And he highly recommends romance to all the senior dogs out there. It makes him feel very young at heart.”

The ceremony will be performed by NJ Wedding Planner, Celia Milton and the following Reception/Pawty will be hosted by MC Mike. You can also take a chance on some fantastic raffle items (see for details).  Partnering with NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York, Erika has invited the stars of the new reality show Doggie Moms as guests. The show follows a group of New York City women whose lives revolve entirely around their dogs.

Although all about fun, Erika reminds us that, “This event has so much meaning to me because it is not just a joining of two wonderful animals, but it is a way to bridge everyone; to promote awareness of the rescue organizations who work so hard and need our help. It is a fun way to get people together and enjoy a whimsical afternoon all knowing we are doing something wonderful on so many levels.” Due to the success of last year’s event, Erika expects many more people this year, stating, “I have grown so much since then. I have so many people reaching out to me who want to come on board. I feel so blessed to be in the position to do what I am doing.”

Children and dogs are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by an adult/owner. All proceeds from raffles are being donated to Mightmutts and Ollie’s Place, volunteer no-kill organizations dedicated to rescuing & rehabilitating the strays of New York City. They are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Good luck Erika and thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our beloved dogs!






Dogs get into the spirit of Hound-o-Ween

Welcome to my Blog, established to promote the legacy of  Captain Will Judy’s National Dog Week launched in 1928 to create a better world for dogs and is still relevant today in a nation where over 70 million dogs enjoy a special bond with the humans who love them.  To learn more about it, please listen to my interview with Renee Premaza at  (Click on Radio Show link).

 At Hound-o-Ween, dogs will trade “ticks” for treats, skeleton bones for milk bones, play with toys that squeal (not squeak), and will welcome bats, not cats “witch” is okay for one day (although dogs and people are encouraged to be nice to the cats in their lives)!  We love them, too.

Hound-oWeen is the creation of Erika Friedman of Canine Celebration in New York City and co-sponsor Metrosniff ( to benefit New York rescue group, Rescuzilla ( .

So many terrific sponsors have donated their time and services that will be raffled off at the event.  Among them, J Mikel of Fur NY, Babette Haggerty’s Dog Training and NYC veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Bressler.  Cupcakes provided by Purple Elephant will be enjoyed by all and Eric Ferrar, pet photographer will be on hand to take five by seven photos of your costumed pet.  At 2:30, judging will begin for best pet costumes.

Remember, Halloween can be a scary time for our pets.  The constant knock at the door of noisy humans in “disguise” can spook any pet, and watch it as you open the front door to greet trick or treaters, your pets may take that opportunity to flee out of fear. Also, don’t share your treats with your pups, chocolate is not good for dogs, and did you know that xylitol, found in a lot of sugar-free products, can be lethal to dogs?  Thank you to Deanna Vicera, of Freehold, NJ for bringing this to my attention.  To read more about this please  go to  And please don’t force your pets to wear a costume if it is apparent they aren’t comfortable.  Be smart, be safe, and enjoy the day.

To learn about Erika and her business, Canine Celebration, you can read my interview with her in my Blog Archives (9/25) or go to or visit her Canine Celebration page on Facebook.

Stay tuned for a Blog about Carla Gambescia and her Dogs in Party Hats Fundraiser, and a story about how dogs can educate our kids in some special ways…

Welcome to my Blog, a place for those with a “weekness for dogs,”  established to honor the life of ultimate-dog enthusiast Captain Will Judy and the legacy of  his National Dog Week Movement that is still so relevant today, and my book that documents its colorful history over the course of 82 years.

Thanks to so many of you who have come to be regular readers and those who listened to my interview with Renee Premaza on her show Thursday in the Dog House that aired on October 14th.  You can listen in if you go to and click on the Radio Show Link on the left.  As promised, I am reposting my interview with author Steve Duno.  Steve has been busy promoting his book, Last Dog on the Hill: The Extraordinary Life of Lou, and has a book reading coming up at Sun River Books and Music, in Sun River, Oregon on Saturday, October 23 at 5:00pm.  You can also read Steve’s Blog posts at  His latest post discusses the controversial topic of the alarmingly early ages at which our dogs are being spayed and neutered.  Very thought-provoking…

Stay tuned for an update on Erika Friedman’s plans for the big Hound-o-Ween event at a Petco in New York City and an interview with Carla Gambescia and her “tasty” fund raising effort, Dogs In Party Hats…

Here now is a repost from the “Seven Posts for Seven Dog Days Series” that ran during National Dog Week…


Steve with Flavio, a favorite student of Lou's


When the Student is ready the teacher appears…Buddhist proverb

In his book, Last Dog on the Hill, The Incredible Story of Lou, Seattle-based pet behaviorist and author, Steve Duno, is the student, ready to receive the lessons of a pup he rescued from a Northern California hillside.

Nearly six-months old and flea infested, why this dog Steve came to call Lou chose to present himself to a total stranger while his pack of siblings retreated back to the wild remains a mystery.  Little did Steve know just how much this dog would change the course of his life.

Last Dog on the Hill tells the moving story of a special bond between a man and his dog.  Together Lou and Steve, a former school teacher, tutored the kids of celebrities in Los Angeles, apprehended armed robbers and a rapist and worked as a team to rehabilitate dogs just a step away from death row due to behavioral issues caused primarily by their owner’s ignorance.

With his movie star looks, and soulful eyes, Lou had a profound effect on all he met during the course of his 16-year life. By choosing to be rescued by Steve off that California hill site, Lou, a shepherd-Rottweiler mix claimed his heritage as a member of the Working Group, and his role as one of man’s best friends forever.  Although no longer with us, Lou’s lessons continue to teach through the writings of his loyal guardian, Steve.

Do you think some people have a way with animals?

 I think that certain people are “natural” pet owners- they seem to have an innate rapport with dogs and/or cats.  I wrote about that in my books Be the Dog and Be the Cat.  They are able to see things from the pets POV, and therefore make great owners.  In my case, I had an idea of what pet ownership might be, from Lassie and Old Yeller and Rin Tin Tin…  but the reality was a bit different. 

As a young boy without pets of your own, how did you get your pet fix?

Pet fix?  I had a cranky parakeet named Chipper, who’d strafe the room trying to poke your eyes out.  And I read dog books and watched Lassie.

Who influenced you in the pet industry, did you have any role models?

 Hmm.  I didn’t know of any trainers other than Rudd Weatherwax the owner of Lassie.  He got those collies to do some cool things.  When I was a kid I didn’t think you could make a living from dogs, unless you were a sheepherder.

Do you think we should encourage young people to explore careers in the pet-industry?

 Careers in the dog field are, well, somewhat hard to get into.  To be a vet takes years of school and money; and learning to train well takes years of hard work.  Kennel work is tough, as is daycare work.  Many dog walkers do make some good coin though.  But sure, I guess that kids should know that pets can provide not only companionship, but a living as well.

Do you think there are other potential Lous out there?

Sure I do…  but it takes the right dog.  Perfect genes; most dogs wouldn’t have the goods.  The dog has to be fairly strong, big, confident, sociable yet dominant and patient…  not easy to find a dog like that.  Lou was a natural; I didn’t teach him to do it.  He just knew.  Lou was a natural teacher with kids.  They love dogs, provided the dogs are kind, tolerant, gentle.  Dogs are natural teaching tools; how can you beat the lure of a good dog?

Do you think all dog owners need to seek out the services of a professional dog trainer?

 I do not think everyone needs professional help with a puppy or dog; many are pretty competent.  Years ago people were all good at it, as dogs were vital workers in the family/farm etc.  You had to know canine behavior back then.  Today though too many people treat dogs like trust fund babies and not dogs. They do not know dogs anymore.  Those people need help!  A few classes in the beginning can work wonders for them.

What should a dog owner look for when choosing a trainer?

Pick a trainer who you like.  Watch them work a dog; does the dog respond to them, are they confident?  Authoritative yet inspiring?  Look for a trainer who emulates your third grade school teacher; loving yet confident and strong- someone with gentle power.

What about Lou’s littermates that chose to go down the other side of that hill?

 Oh sure- Lou had seven or eight littermates, but they were all skittish and flighty.  I saw them all- similar looks to Lou.  He was the only one willing to interact.  The others would have not been good pets I think…

You have written several “how to” books, was the writing of this more personal work very different for you?

Memoir form was easy for me, as I have a long history of writing fiction in addition to prescriptive non-fiction.  It was a relief in a way.

How do you find the promotional side of the book business?

Hmm.  I like meeting people on the road, and talking about the book.  But the responsibility to promotions is a heavy load sometimes; I’m a better writer than a promoter.  Writers are by nature introspective people- to expect them to also be salespeople is hard for many.  But I am a ham, so…  traveling can also be very tiring.  and road food…  oh the road food.

Thanks to Steve and Lou for sharing their story during this 82nd observance of National Dog Week.

Thanks Babette Haggerty, Steve Duno, Ryan Rice, Gretchen Kruysman, Bocker Laboradoodle, Judy Gamet and Erika Friedman, for sharing their dog-worlds with my viewers during the Week of the Dog, and thanks to all of you who have come to read and to learn more about National Dog Week…Please keep reading, and remember to subscribe to this Blog and to be part of the Movement…

National Dog Week has passed as quick as a greyhound!  We’ve covered a lot of ground this week and there comes a time when dogs just wanna have fun.  To fill that need, on this the seventh day of the dog week we meet Erika Friedman and her company, Canine Celebration in New York City.

New York City, and the surrounding vicinity, has a vibrant dog community filled with pet loving people on the go 24/7.  Sometimes they need a little help to plan the perfect party or event held in honor of a beloved pet.  That’s when Erika is there to help, taking care of the smallest of de-tails.

National Dog Week is all about honoring our dogs and making them feel extra-special over the course of seven days in September.  Although some may not think it’s important to throw parties for our dogs and cats, and the concept is lost on these animals, just remember these occasions make us humans happier and a happy cat or dog loving human makes for happier and healthier pets, especially when these events help less fortunate pets along the way. Party on!

When did you start Canine Celebration?  Did you do so to fill a need you saw in this market? I started Canine Celebration officially about 4 months ago but it has been in the works for a while. I absolutely feel there is a need for it in this market. Out pets are our children. We should share in celebrating them whether it be through a party or a charity event.

What makes CC’s services so unique, is “Canine Concierge” a title you made up for yourself or is it really a defined field?  Can you envision a Feline Festivities, or the like, for cats?  (I know you are a cat lover).Yes I am a cat lover! Unfortunately cats are not as “social” as our dogs. But cats are always welcome at my events!

Canine Celebration and Canine Concierge is something I came up with. I have been really focusing on the Celebration aspect of the concept because that is where my true passion is. I love nothing more than organizing and planning events where all the proceeds go directly to a local rescue in need of money.

I thrive most when I get set on a specific theme for an event and I begin the planning process. It takes a lot of work to reach out to all types of businesses and share my passion with them and in turn hope they will want to participate. I have been lucky because we are becoming very aware of what happens to these poor animals when neglected or abused. All raffle prizes, food, photography and venues are donated to me. I find when I actually meet with them in person it helps. They can see my enthusiasm and desire to help.

 How do you price your services and find your customers? I have planned 2 parties this summer for pay. A Labor Day swim party for 6 dogs in South Hampton. It was hysterical. I find that my clientele for the concierge end of my business are those who have money to pay for someone to do their work. I charge per size and theme of the specific event.

 Can you give us an example of a large production you’ve pulled together for dogs and their humans?  What is your most typical request for events (birthday, etc…)?One of my most successful events to date was my Dog Wedding/Valentines Day Party at Sephora in NYC. It was AMAZING!!  We had over 100 people and 40 or so dogs.

 Can you tell us anything about your Halloween party, Hound-o-ween? My Hound-o-Ween Charity event is hopefully going to be my most successful event. Petco had been to “my” Wedding at Sephora and approached me and asked if they could Co-Sponsor my next event. I was so excited. So I am having the event at their new store on East 86th Street in NYC on October 30th from 1-3.

All the proceeds are going directly to Rescuzilla of NY. Rescuzilla rescues predominantly pit bulls and rehabilitates them and then finds homes for them.

There will be a costume contest, food, candy, doggie & goodie bags. I have so many wonderful sponsors like SEPHORA, Dr. Cindy Bressler, PhysicalMind Studios, PurpleElephantCake, NEW York Yoga, J Mike of FUR products, Babette Haggerty’s Dog Training, Stephanie’s Pet-a-terre & so many more. Raffles are $5 and will be sold at the door. I am already staring plans for my Holiday party which all proceeds will be donated to MightyMutts.

 What are some of your favorite animal charities and have you planned any charity events for them? Mighty Mutts, Rescuzilla, Bid-a-wee, Bark For Life

 Do you have a dog, if so can you tell us about him or her, or your kitties?I am not allowed to have a dog in my building. My cat Benny is our son..need I say more!! LOL

Thanks Erika…Your events put the fun in fundraising and embody the spirit of National Dog Week!   Your Hound-o-Ween event will be having New York City dogs saying “Tick” or Treat next month!

To learn more about Erika’s Canine Celebration please see her Facebook Page or visit her new web site: Or contact her at 917-763-3243.

Stay tuned for some great photos and reporting on Brick Township’s Dog Fest held last weekend…


"Is it dog week yet?"

"Is it dog week yet?"

Michelle Mongelli and Wheezey

Pike, at Geiger Key

Hooper in the Keys

Hooper in the Keys

“Two Culprits” by Steven Hall

Logan & Koda


DJ Goes to Westminster

Zac and Cooper

"Look daddy, I can fly!"

“Hooper” – Best in Snow

Pita in Matt’s Garden

Hooper with cousin Roxy, Summer 2009

Me and my “Hoop”