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Good News! Sagitta is scheduled for her Cataract Surgery next week. She will then go on to rejoin her dog brother, Ricoh. Thanks to all who contributed to this cause and/or helped to share the work of Carolina Poodle Rescue. I also thank you on behalf of Sagitta’s Forever-in-Spirit Mother, Gayle, who had to surrender her beloved dogs, but never stopped caring about their welfare. This development has brought Gayle a measure of happiness.

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Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) has a passion for fixing what is broken, a passion shared by this supportive community of dog-lovers. Cataracts, for example, one of the most common genetic conditions experienced by poodles, can be fixed, increasing the adoption chances of even older dogs.  

In late 2016, CPR introduced a group of dogs in need of cataract surgery. Thanks to the generosity of many, nine have already had surgery and are starting new lives. Now, CPR introduces three more in need of help. With their eye sight restored, these dogs can be placed in new homes.  The good news is that half the funds needed for these dogs has already been raised, but your care is needed to see this fundraiser all the way through to a successful conclusion. 

Right now, CPR is offering a two for one offer for Mack and Max, two miniature poodle boys. According to Donna Ezzell, Director of CPR, “A generous angel will pay for surgery for one – if CPR can raise what is needed for the other.” Mack is about nine years of age and was surrendered to a shelter by his owners with no explanation.  Max is about ten, and came to CPR under the same set of circumstances. 


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Both of these special boys  have one more thing in common, diminishing eye sight. According to Donna, “The more their vision leaves them, the less they want to interact with other dogs and sadly, they’re losing interest in people.  When you can’t see and others bump into you or pick you up with no warning, even if it’s accidental, it puts a boy on edge.”  


Then there’s Sagitta, a beautiful white Standard poodle. Loving and lovely, Sagitta has never met a stranger. Whether she’s preening like a model, or rolling in the mud at the barn, Sagitta has a zest for life that brings smiles to all she meets. 

Sagitta is much-loved  by her previous owner, Gayle. Gayle is no longer able to live on her own and now resided in an Assisted Living facility fighting physical battles of her own with Multiple Sclerosis. No longer able to care for Sagitta and Ricoh, a stunning black Standard poodle, she had to give up both. 


Gayle thought she had found a loving home for her dogs, but when that home did not work out, CPR reclaimed both dogs.  Donna notes, “At first, we did not know who their original owner was. When Gayle was healthy, she had volunteered with CPR and even though her name was not on the owner release form given to CPR, her information was on the medical documents and we were able to contact Gayle to let her know her dogs were with us.” 

Happily, Richo has been placed in his forever home, and now Gayle has become Sagitta’s champion, tirelessly fundraising on her behalf.  Gayle has already raised over half the funds needed for Sagitta’s surgery; $1200 of the  $ 2,100 needed.

CPR is now trying to help raise the other half so that Sagitta can have her cataract surgery and join Richo with the family who wishes to keep them together forever!  Ricoh and his human visits with Gayle at her Assisted Living facility on a regular basis and Gayle can’t wait for the time when both dogs can be reunited and visit together.

In her own words Gayle explains, “Sagitta is my current heartbreak. For me the most satisfying solution is to have her eye repaired and then to be placed with her beloved Ricoh. Donna did a wonderful job finding a loving home for him. Sagitta and Ricoh are like my children and never would I have imagined deserting them in their later years. It is quite ironic that I had to turn to CPR for a solution. I BELIEVE in rescue and tried to help when I was healthy. It bothers me that some think of rescue animals as throw sways. I just can no longer provide the care they need. The state has taken all of my property and allows me only $50.00 a month. Without rescue this very bonded pair of dogs who have been together since puppyhood, would be separated and would no longer be part of my life.”

Mack and Max, surrendered by no fault of their own, are living their golden years in the dark. Having their vision restored will increase their chances for adoption. Sagitta’s former owner is struggling physically. Having her girl near her will help her tremendously but only if Sagitta can be healthy. 

Here’s how you can help. Please support CPR during their  “$30.00 for 3 Dogs” campaign. Presently, we are seeking just over $3,000 to get these dogs on the way to health and new homes.  $30 .00 is a small gift that will mean the world to these three deserving dogs and to one very special,very brave woman who wants nothing more than to see her dog again.  CPR is a 501c3 organization, recognized by the IRS as a charity. All donations are tax-deductible. To donate, please visit our donation page and let us know that it’s for the gift of sight.   

Since introducing our first group “cataract dogs” in late 2016, CPR has raised funds for nine other dogs. Of that group, four have been adopted and the rest are recovering and the process of their rehoming has begun.

If you are interested in opening your home and heart to one of the CPR after they’ve undergone their surgeries, please visit our webpage at and complete the adoption application. If you are a pre-approved or previous adopter, please drop a line to with the name of the dog that you’d like to meet. 


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