Welcome Styles

I know I have not blogged much these days, and I am betting many have not even noticed. In a world where we are bombarded with so much information, it sometimes seems hardly worth the effort. But there is a post I have wanted to write for a few days now, I have just been looking for some inspiration.

Lately, it has been brought to my attention that a trio of radio hosts at NJ 101.5 have created a hostile environment for man’s best friend through their careless and thoughtless comments about pit bulls, an abused Cocker spaniel named Sammy and his supporters, the tragic and shocking death of a dog that had belonged to one of the host’s and her subsequent Tweet on her Twitter Account (which was shut down quickly after this was widely shared) where she shared her belief that animals do not feel pain or have emotions (I have a copy of it if anyone cares to see it).

For the record, Styles, the pittie in the picture above is a beloved family member, rescued from a Bergen County Shelter by my sister’s family.

To be fair, I did call the station twice and spoke to their receptionist. When she heard why I was calling, she reminded me that things had been taken out of context (apparently she had gotten a lot of these calls). I replied that this might be the case, but if they would supply me with clips, tapes or transcripts, I could write a blog post that was honest and direct. I left two messages for the Station Manager but never received a return call or response of any kind.

Next, the station issued a statement where miraculously they were able to conjure up some positive statements from hosts Judi Franco and Dennis Malloy. Interesting to note that they could so easily find these outtakes (let’s not take them out of context, though) but no record of Judi referring to the supporters of Sammy, the abused dog, in vulgar terms or telling them to get a life. Again, I can’t give a complete account because the station refuses to supply what has been requested of them.

There is more to this story, and I too, was called a jerk (gasp!) by one of their “top commentators” on their Facebook Page during a thread that included comments related to my husband’s military service. I am not going to go into detail here, and if you would like to hear more about what went down, you can contact me directly. It was only after I contacted a group of Navy Corpsmen who then contacted the station directly, that my husband received an apology for comments made. A general statement was then posted proclaiming that the station supported those who served in the Military.

The way I see it, we have a bunch of well-paid bullies hiding behind the comfort of their glass booths making fun of those who show up to support a horribly abused dog in a court room and allowing posters to bully others on their Facebook page.That’s basically what it comes down to. Another host by the name of Ray Rossi treated a caller so horribly that he issued an apology to the animal advocate. You know it has to be bad when that happens.

On a final note, I did receive two messages from this radio station via private messages on Facebook. At first, it appeared that they truly wanted to sit down and talk with me and to perhaps make a donation to a shelter. They also apologized for allowing that top commentator (yes, the one who called me a jerk) for mocking my husband’s service as a Navy Corpsman. In issuing apologies and trying to establish some kind of contact with me I truly had hope that they were willing to try to make amends.

And about that search for inspiration. Today, while visiting a patient in a medical center I happened to read a quote posted on a wall. It read, “Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.” It was credited to Thaddeus Golas, a man of colorful history. (I will let you do the research). I realize that we all make mistakes and sometimes say things without thinking, I have the greatest respect for those who understand and recognize this, and then take the steps to make the necessary corrections with the end result of settling things right.

I like to think I am enlightened enough to admit that have a long way to go before I, “get there.” So, how about it Judi, Dennis and Ray? Have you begun your journey? No one really cares how you get there…many of us just hope you arrive. Every time you say something in jest to get an audience riled up and bring in advertising revenue you are selling out. How will you describe your legacy to your families?

Here’s to those who use the power of words to actually make a positive difference in the world. I do know of other radio stations that have a positive vibe and actually try to make that kind of difference. More on that to come!