"Hooper the Second"

“Hooper the Second”

But the dog is also an excellent teacher for children, in that he aids in their character building.” ” Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week, 1949

I would like to thank Project Pets, Spay, Neuter, Love for naming one of their Rescue Pups after my late dog Hooper. In late February I read the story about a box of puppies that had been abandoned in a parking lot in North Carolina. The pups were in need of veterinary care before they could be placed in good homes. Project Pets was allowing anyone who made a donation to the care of these pups to have the chance to name one of them.

One of the pups was black and white and made me think of Hooper (and also of our new dog, Teddy). Most of you know by now we lost Hooper, our Portuguese water dog, to illness last August. So, after I made a small donation I took them up on their offer and asked that this pup be named Hooper the Second. Of course I told them if his adoptive family wanted to use another name, I would understand. I am told he is now called Hoops and has settled into a great new home near Atlanta, GA. Good work PPSNL for all the strides you are making in Spay and Neuter Awareness. To learn more about their work please go to: http://spayneuterlove.com/

Captain William Lewis Judy, a decorated WWI veteran and dedicated dog-enthusiast often wrote about the special bond that exists between kids and their dogs. Inspired by this, we present a fun, yet meaningful theme, that captures this spirit for the 85th observation of National Dog Week; “Kids and K-9s: Celebrating the Bond between Youth and Dogs.”

With National Dog Week celebrated the week of September 22nd, we are just six months away from that very special time that was designated to honor the nation’s dogs in a collective and organized manner. If we all think hard enough, I am sure that each town, county or state of the union can think of just one way we can improve the welfare of our Companion Animals and the nation’s youth in even just a small way.

This September let’s count the ways kids go to the dogs, and the dogs in turn, go to the kids!

Here are K-Nine Ways some of the dogs and their humans have done so already:

1. Early this year, Bocker the Labradoodle, helped to comfort the children of Newtown, Ct, in the aftermath of the elementary school tragedy.
2. Sean Poser, of Kids Adopt A Shelter (KAAS) has continued to motivate young people across the nation to collect supplies for local shelters.
3. Author Barbara Techel of Joyful Paws teaches young people to appreciate the gifts and lessons offered by animals and humans facing special challenges through her writing and the establishment of “Walk and Roll Day,” (which falls on the first day of NDW this year)!
4. Audrey Hendler of A Fair Shake for Youth Harnessing the therapeutic power of therapy dogs to help at-risk youth develop skills and behaviors that will give them a fair shake at a better life.
5. Dogs are trained in lifesaving skills in which they are able alert young people to the onset of seizures and the detection of materials to which children are highly allergic.
6. Nikki Moustaki teaches scout and school groups on how to make cards with her Pet Postcard Project that helps to feed shelter dogs across the nation.
7. Teresa Lewin, and her work with the organization, Doggone Safe, educates children on how to avoid hostile encounters with dogs and to avoid dog bites.
8. Public libraries across America continue to welcome Certified and trained dogs for programs like “Read Aloud to the Dogs,” which allow young children to read to patient dogs without fear of judgement.
9. Dog make great writing prompts for literacy projects. In the 1930s the Humane Society sponsored essay contests for students who wrote about what National Dog Week meant to them. The photo of the contest winner appeared with the winning essay in the New York Times.

We think this is a good start, but we would love to hear what you have planned!
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