“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

As the East Coast and beyond prepares for a monster of a storm, I wish everyone a safe passage. It is a difficult experience for humans and their pets. It looks like no matter what happens, we all most likely will be without power for some time here in the Mid-Atlantic states and even as far as the mid-west.

Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day http://www.nationalpitbullawarenessday.org/ as we enter the last few days of Pit Bull Awareness month. It seems that we have been weathering many storms these days, on different levels, in the media, etc.  I know some of my friends have talked to me about their fear of pit bulls. At one time, I felt the same way. However, through education and experience, I have come to know that my fear and ignorance were misplaced.

As someone who has come to write primarily about dogs on a daily basis, for a few years now, I have met many incredible people who dedicate time, energy and money to help all kinds of dogs, including pit bulls. They have shared their enlightening experiences with me. Having a pit bull in the family circle has also helped.

There will always be bad humans who bring dogs into the world for the wrong reasons and abuse them when they arrive, or use them for ill-begotten gains. But there are many more good people who take dog ownership seriously and respect other people, too. That is what the history of the real National Dog Week is all about.

Before the storm hits, I just wanted to thank so many who have it right. Not everyone wants, or can have, a dog. But those who do take on dogs in need, especially need the help of enlightened people. Choose your words wisely, and if you misspeak, try to make amends. The power of a few good words can have healing effects that ripple throughout the world.

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month/Day. Please be careful in the storm.