They look to us to guide them.


Prejudice is the manure of truth…Into its making are put fear, meanness, superstition, and ignorance. (1927) Captain William Lewis Judy, WWI Soldier, lawyer, minister, publisher and Founder of National Dog Week

Imagine how excited I was to hear that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were actually celebrating National Dog Week in a big way last month (although they lamely called it Bow Wow Week). Finally, a major network was actually embracing a venerable and meaningful 84 year old tribute to man’s best friend.

Flash Forward to earlier this week when during National Pit Bull Awareness Month, Kelly dissed the much-maligned pit bull breed by asserting that pit bulls were the dog choice of thugs and gang-bangers and pretty much deemed all pitties as bad dogs.

Since that time, the Live with Kelly and Mike Facebook pages and related sites have been jammed with heart-wrenching messages from sad and angry dog lovers. Comments and posts come in by the minute, if not the second, and show no signs of slowing down. People are hurt, not just be her flippant comments, but the fact that she appears to be oblivious to their pain and the fact that her reckless “expertise” only hurts them and a breed that suffers from a plethora of ignorance already.

As she dances and prances and spins the wheel with her co-host, Ripa displays unimaginable dim-wittedness. If her producers and agents are advising her, she should have them all fired. At this point, any apology from her will look scripted and forced. The fact that she left so many people devastated with no apparent concern is the mark of an uneducated, ignorant and self-centered “human.”

Ms. Ripa is worth millions. She can turn this around by helping death Row Dogs and by supporting those good caring people who try to save them every day with much-needed financial support.

As each new message pours in the haunting continues. Talk to your audience Kelly. Show a human-side. It is all you can do now.

Oh, and if you can’t do this, please do not soil the occasion of National Dog Week by claiming to be a fan.