Border collies and their owner show support at Sound for the Hounds

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Last Saturday, I was honored to take part in the second occasion of Sound for the Hounds at Brookdale Park in Essex County, New Jersey. I attended as an artist and author. This event was created to spread awareness for Puppy Mill dogs organized by animal-advocate Jacki Flanigan. Jacki is a tireless campaigner for the dogs and puppies (and other Companion Animals) that cannot speak up for themselves.

The day was filled with pet-related vendors, great food and musical guests. There were fun contests held for peeps and their pooches, too. Also on hand were knowledagable guest speakers such as Bob Barker, Tera Burgger, Musician Danny Nova, Jenny Stephens, Carol Araneo-Mayer, Bill Smith, Laura Flynn Amato and Annmarie Lucas who shared their expertise on this topic. They informed the public of the dangers posed by the dirty business of puppy milling and its impact on the welfare of our dogs as well as the consequences for those humans who are not aware of the deplorable conditions in which their dogs entered the world

The weather was a little challenging, but that didn’t keep many happy dogs and their owners away. A number of Rescue Groups and adoptable dogs also enjoyed making some love connections.

To learn more about this event, and its organizer, please check out this site

Here are some photos we captured on our new camera. It was a great way to break “her” in!

Some hopeful adoptees

On the scent of food vendors!

Spending some time with the Pug Rescue Group

My friend from High School, Sandy with her Rescue Greyhound, Star

Winner of the Biggest Dog Contest, no surprise here!

Hopeful contenders for the Smallest Dog Contest

The panel of guest speakers who informed the crowds and judged contests

Jacki Flanigan welcomes and thanks the crowd at Sound for the Hounds

A Foraging Frenchie!

Rocking the Grounds at Sound for the Hounds

The natural beauty of Brookdale Park made for a lovely setting for a memorable event