Puppies on the Mend at Ruffles Rescue

The other day I posted a photograph of a tick-infested puppy on my Facebook page. To say it was tick-infested is an understatement.  It was not a pretty sight to say the least, it was revolting actually, and I know some were put off by it.

This pup was one of six and their momma rescued by Ruffles Rescue in Exeter, California.  They had posted a request for donations to help these pups who were now suffering from tick fever and were hanging on for dear life.

Because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, the rescue group got such a response they asked people to stop sending donations and instead, asked them to consider donating to one of their local rescues. This is definitely the hallmark of a legitimate and caring Rescue Group.

Ruffles Rescue’s facebook page credits a group called Saving Grace Animal Rescue in Birmingham, AL, for being their angels.  Because this group and other generous donors, as of today, the puppies are starting to eat and play the way they should be. Their mom is also doing well.

I don’t generally put revolting photos on my wall. But in this case, all those shared postings with photo did help and I would do it again for that reason.  Many people asked, “Who would do that to a dog?” “How does a pup get like that?”

And that brings me to the most important part of my post.  If more people would help to get more cats and dogs spayed and neutered, cases like this would not be so frequent. It is alarming to see so many pregnant homeless companion animals that end up giving birth in the wild or at a shelter. Many will not find homes; it is just a sad fact.

Each month, I have my Pay Pal Account set to automatically deposit $2.00 into the Chip in Account of a Group called Project Pets – Spay, Neuter, Love. Last January, on the occasion of my birthday, I set up a birthday chip-in account which had a very nice result. Two dollars doesn’t sound like much, but at last check, I saw that they now have over 100 donors to this very legitimate cause. If only ten percent of my facebook friends donated $2.00 a month, we would save many lives because Spay and Neuter is one of the best forms of Rescue there is. If you wish to donate, here is there link: http://www.spayneuterlove.org/index.html

On a more writerly note, I was very happy when recently, a fellow author and friend, Tara Hall http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5286654.Tara_Fox_Hall/ blognominated me for a “Beautiful Blogger,” Award . Thank you Tara. It’s just a fun way to pick seven fellow-bloggers you think deserve a little recognition among the millions of blogs that exist now.  The catch, I have to list seven things about me…and pick seven other “Beautiful” Bloggers! So here goes.

Seven things about me:

1) I was born the year of the dog in Chinese Astrology. Most times I am a docile Golden retriever but when someone hurts or talks “bad stuff” about someone I care about, the well-trained by fierce rottie in me emerges.

2) If sleeping was an Olympic event, I would have more medals than Michael Phelps.

3) I have had no sense of smell for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I get a whiff of something, and I say, “I can smell!” Not as dramatic as, “I can see or walk,” and sometimes it can be misinterpreted as in I am smelly.

4) If I never see snow or feel temperatures below 70 again I would be more than happy.

5)I love to eat. Anything Italian or from the sea, especially, accompanied by a dry martini with bleu-cheese stuffed olives or really good full-bodied red wine.

6) If I could, I would outlaw the smoking of cigarettes and impose severe penalties for texting while driving.

7) I wish that not one more person would purchase another puppy from a retailer. I wish they realized that over 90 percent of those pups came from commercial puppy mill facilities and that every dollar they spend at these establishments keeps a dog in emotional and physical poverty somewhere in the nation. I wish that everyone would spay or neuter their pets whenever appropriate.

Bonus 8) I am blessed with a great husband, parents, friends (humanoid and virtual) a loving dog. Every day I am inspired by the good deeds those around me accomplish and for the support they lend.

Here are my “Beautiful Blogging” Seven, in no particular order! Now they are invited to offer seven items about themselves…and designate seven others as “Beautiful Bloggers.”

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And I must add an eight: Marsha Zeringue  http://Coffeecanine.blogspot.com/