Sean Martin, Founder-Kids Adopt a Shelter

“But the dog is also an excellent teacher for children in that he aids in their character building.”

Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week


For me, nothing is more inspiring than images and words that highlight the bond between children and their pets.

As many already know, this blog was started as a place where I could build interest in something I called the National Dog Week Project and the book I am writing about its Founder, Will Judy.  Although Judy was an accomplished lawyer and publisher, later in life he began to grapple with the more spiritual side of pet ownership (ownership was the word of the day in his time), focusing primarily on the canine-human bond.  Clearly, his early training in the ministry was influencing his writing and approach.

He spoke to the heart of all dog-lovers; men, women and children, firmly believing that through the act of caring for pets, children became more compassionate and responsible.  He viewed pet ownership as a young person’s training for parenthood in many ways.

I would also add volunteerism. Given the chance and encouragement, most kids are only too eager to donate their time and energy to a cause they care about.  Some are coached by caring parents and others just seem to come to it naturally.  Such was the case with a young man named Sean Martin who came to my attention through his Facebook Page and mission, Kids Adopt a Shelter.

I contacted Sean and his mom, Melanie, and told them about National Dog Week and how Sean’s work epitomizes its spirit.  Sean is an eleven- year old actor with his most recent role in the “dog-biz” centering  on his involvement with his Kids Adopt a Shelter Cause launched on Facebook.

Sean’s mission began when he and his friends gathered up a lot of “stuff” on the occasion of his parent’s Halloween Party.  Not happy with his results, Sean resolved to scare up “tons of stuff for Christmas,” that he would donate to the Little Shelter in Huntington, New York.

As Sean recalls, “I pleaded with family and friends and put signs up all over my neighborhood to raise awareness for my mission.”

His efforts were well rewarded. On December 23, 2011, Sean and his parents loaded their Jeep and delivered over $1,000 in donations.  But this ambitious kid with a big heart did not stop here. Sean decided he would get other kids just like him all over the nation to join him in his efforts…and Kids Adopt a Shelter was born! Sean set out to see that every state of the nation was represented, with the hopes that in the future he would have a rep in each town in each state.

With 2,584 Likes currently on their page, I think that he and fellow page administrators, Zac Posner are on the right track. Right now Sean and Zac are busy working on their Kids Adopt a Shelter SPRING 2012 DRIVE, an event scheduled for Tuesday, March 20 from 9:00am to 8:00pm. In some cases, they will even try to pick up your donations on your doorstep.

Similar to the folks at Covers for Critters, another group I have written about, Sean is encouraging all participants to gather up all kind of linens and bedding materials, and also any pet-related items, new or gently used to donate to shelters in need.  To find out more, please visit the Event page and contact Sean directly.

On his Facebook page for this cause there is a list of all the supplies that are needed with the names of all states represented to-date. A new feature also spotlights an adoptable cat and dog of the week.  I hope you and your kids of course, check out Sean’s blog site and help with donations and some time, too!

To learn more about Sean’s other roles in the acting community:

I like the fact that there is an emphasis on Spay and Neuter contained in the mission of Kids Adopt a Shelter.  On that note, I also encourage you to check out Project Pets – Spay, Neuter, Love’s  new website with its own focus on young people.

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