Sorry…if you want the dark and snarky…go over the other “Post.”  But if you want a nice story of a task well-done…read on.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”  Dr. Seuss, from the Lorax

The other day I got a call from Domenic, a young man who works at an Assisted Living Facility in town.  He said that someone had given him a flyer they had taken from a booth I had sponsored for Covers for Critters at our local Dog Fest event last September.  Dog Fest is a terrific event held here each year, sponsored by the Brick Township Rotary Club. (See post of May 1, 2011 for details).

Domenic asked if I was still interested in receiving old bedding, towels and sheets, etc. for a local Animal Shelters.  I said I was, but I also recalled that back in October another facility had offered, only to go back on their promised donation due to a “management decision” that said these items were needed elsewhere.  Domenic assured me it wasn’t them (there are many establishments of this type in my town) and I told him I would be there early the next morning.

When I pulled into the lot, there he was with his helper, John, cleaning out a shed.  They told me to back in my van and proceeded to load it up with unused bags of bed comforters.

He then asked if we needed sheets and I said I would gladly take them….

I thanked him for taking the time and making the effort to contact after almost three months had gone by…he said he was a dog lover and hoped to have more for us in the future.

At this year’s Dog Fest event, I also had young people participate in Nikki Moustaki’s Pet Postcard Project by making a slew of postcards at my booth.  The PPP is a unique and fun way for people to help feed Shelter Pets one cup of kibble at a time…Nikki, an accomplished Dog Obedience Trainer, author and animal advocate is now blogging for the Dog Channel and tells me she has some exciting events planned in the New Year.

All set up for Pet Post Card Production...

Some people rescue, others rehab, some Foster and others cross post adoptable dogs and cats on Facebook…there are many ways everyone can contribute.  I write about issues affecting our Companion Animals, with these blog posts and the books I write.  My short story collection continues to do well as a Kindle Download and now is available in a Soft Cover version   My first donation from some of my proceeds will go to Project Pets, Spay, Neuter, Love!/pages/Project-Pets-Spay-Neuter-Love/160594203971240and will pay for the S/N of one pet.  According to the group’s vice president, “Willie Wonka,” “$50 pays for one dog to be neutered or one cat to be spayed. You know that means the world will have 1/2million less cats in ten years – or 300,000 dogs.” Those are powerful statistics…and that’s just with the “fixing” on one animal…

In the coming weeks, I am planning a special two-year anniversary post and then hope to present the forces behind the Ray of Hope Program of Kansas City  and a young man named Sean Martin who started the Kids Adopt a Shelter Campaign on Facebook!/KidsAdoptaShelter as well as some other individuals who are using their time and talents to make some lasting and significant changes in the way our Companion Animals are treated.

Happy New Year’s all and thank you for your quiet support.