Pugslee and Princess Haddock are the subjects of Donald Brown's Painting, "Furry Cuteness."

“I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.”  Samuel  Johnson, English, 1709-1784

Just want to take a moment at a busy time of year to make you aware of some fun activities surrounding the National Dog Week Community Page and Project.  If you haven’t already, please go over to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Dog-Week/218596591491974?ref=ts and LIKE us to be eligible for some specially selected give-aways and to be part of a nice dog-centric community.

December proved to be personally exciting for me as a writer.  My Short Story Collection, Something’s Lost and Must be Found received some nice recognition when it was the Book-of-the-Day on December 5 http://ereadernewstoday.com/book-of-the-day-somethings-lost-and-must-be-found/679420/ and was included in Tracy Riva’s List in the Midwest Book Review. I appreciate all who have taken time to read and review on my AMAZON PAGE.  This book was inspired by the work I have been doing on behalf of National Dog Week.  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to a group I support Project Pets – Spay, Neuter, Love https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Project-Pets-Spay-Neuter-Love/160594203971240.

Back on the NDW Community Page, a name was selected from the LIKE List in November and Robin Rudnitsky Jacobs of New Jersey won a bottle of B.Animal all-natural dog shampoo generously donated by Evelyn Colom Kiggens. http://banimal.com/shop/ Thanks again, Evelyn.

This month, those who LIKE and post a photo of their dog(s) dressed up in holiday attire on the NDW Face book page will be eligible to win a copy of CHASING BOCKER’S TALE, a terrific book about a very special Labradoodle named Bocker.  This book was generously donated by Bocker’s Mom. To learn more about his book please check out and LIKE their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ChasingBockersTale.

And back in September, a Canines on Canvas Contest was held and a randomly selected LIKER became the lucky recipient of a canine portrait created just for them by National Dog Week Artist, Donald E. Brown http://www.donaldebrown.com/Resume.html

NDW Poster created by Donald Brown

Donald not only donated his time and talents for the Contest, he loaned that fantastic image of Sergio for the National Dog Week Poster 2011.  He also created several posters, signed twenty of them and sold them (and several unsigned) to raise funds for the Baja Animal Sanctuary. 

Amanda and David Haddock of Iowa, our lucky contest winners, are thrilled with the results, (see top of page) confirming, “We received the painting and it looks great. We are so happy our cute kids got painted…Thank you we appreciate all you and Don Brown did.” I love the dreamy quality of this painting, the use of color and the way it really captures the expressiveness of the breed.  We thank Amanda and David and their dogs for being such devoted friends of the NDW Community, too!

I would also like to thank Dr. Patrick Mahaney, our NDW Pet Consultant who continues to help spread awareness of National Dog Week and Reality Television Host and Dog Advocate Laura Nativo for helping us out while promoting her show that aired in September Dog Park Superstars.

And thanks to all of you who continue to read and participate in some meaningful causes.  I hope to have more good news early in the new year.