NDW 2011 Poster - "HELP"

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During the recent observance of National Dog Week, our Pet Health Care Consultant Dr. Patrick Mahaney, wrote about how National Dog Week can be celebrated through Art, Literature and New Media. http://teddyhilton.com/tag/dr_patrick_mahaney.  Please note that in this video, Patrick is showing (through his IPAD), a photo of the painting that inspired the NDW poster created by artist Donald E. Brown. Patrick now has a real poster thanks to Donald’s generosity!

There are so many ways our talents can be used for the good. I am pretty sure that Captain Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week, way
back in 1928 could never have imagined the “New Media” that exists today. It makes it all the more amazing that this minister, dog-enthusiast, soldier, lawyer and publisher of Dog World Magazine was able to accomplish so much with a manual typewriter and a pedestal phone. Pardon the pun, but where there is a “Will” there certainly is a way!

Last July, I presented a post about the multi-talented Robert Cabral of Malibu, CA.  Robert is a gifted photographer and the founder of Bound Angels in Los Angeles http://www.boundangels.org natural ability to work with those dogs that are in dire need of help allows these canines to become loving Companion Animals that can live up to the honor of being called Man’s Best Friend.  With so many dogs put down because they get lost in the system, people like Robert make it their mission to make sure those dogs that need special attention don’t fall through the cracks of a burdened and failed “Shelter” system.

Last month, Robert posted a video he directed for Orlando Brown’s song, Hero. This title was written and the video produced to remind us of
the role our Hero dogs play in times of tragic events like 9/11 and the assistance they can provide to the forgotten heroes who have served our nation.

I also love the reference to the importance of Spay and Neuter near the end of the video. It captures the National Dog Week theme of “Neuter and Spay so Every Dog can have its Day.”

Below, Robert and Orlando talk about the song and the video. Please listen and share.


Orlando, when was the song “Hero” recorded? The song hero was recorded two months ago in order to hopefully be able to help shed a spot light on the hero dogs and humans of this great nation…

What motivated you to write and record Hero? I created this song, in order to make sure the world knew how serious the Heroes of this world are about being there for us, on the other hand, they rarely get to be published in the headlines or talked about all over the radio for what they do…Furthermore I came up with Hero to make sure I did my part by speaking my mind through song…

What I found to be truly inspiring is the fact that there are actually human heroes as well. I often visit hospitals, and I see how illness, and sorrow, never take over the children that I meet going through their own personal situations…. and I also visit shelters to meet some of the strongest and humble families In the world, that may not have much.. But they live everyday with the hearts of champions and press on day by day providing and taking care of one another…. What wonderful, and super, hero’s indeed … This song is just for them as well…!!

Robert, how did you come to collaborate with Orlando on producing the video for Hero? I met Orlando at an event at a local
shelter. I thought he would just be another celeb showing up and taking off, but I was wrong. Orlando really cares and is really involved. It’s different than most other celebs that are there for fame – he’s there because he really cares. A few days later his manager Reno Rankin and a good friend Kim Sill sent me the song Hero and asked if I would write a treatment for the video. I was floored. I loved the song and the video fell into place shortly thereafter.

Did you know what kind of video you wanted to make when you heard the song? YES, as soon as I heard the song I knew. The pictures started popping into my head as the song played. I pretty much had the video finished before I ever shot the first scene.

Who else should receive credit for the collaboration? Kim Sill produced the video as well as Reno. Kim’s involvement and artistic creative input was a driving force to the video. It was a team effort.

What has the reaction been to the song and video? People love the fact that they have a hero singing about doing the right thing. Not about drugs or murder, but about doing the right thing. Our nation needs more people to inspire our youth and all of us. This song is doing just that. Right now it’s been a viral hit and we are hoping to keep pushing it that way. No network has stepped up for it yet, but there’s still time. Every person who watches it is a new soldier in the Army of Being a Hero…

Orlando, ultimately, how do you think Hero can create awareness of the plight of many dogs across then ation, how can it inspire the more humane treatment of our Companion Animals? Well at the end of the day, I just would like for the entire world to know and understand how important it is to start involving yourself in supporting the hero dogs and hero humans of this world… So if you ask me what I think this song can do for the cause, I will tell you it will make the world think of the dogs that helped save lives during 911, or make you think of the wonderful dog handlers of this world, or the bruised and neglected animals and even the wonderful and brave hero’s over at the American Humane Association, one thing is for sure, when you hear HERO… think…. ONE NATION, ONE LOVE…. ONE HEART… TIME TO DO YOUR PART…!!! God bless. http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/animal-welfare-news/actor-musician-orlando-brown-ambassador.html

#   #   #

The other day I asked Robert if he knew of a songwriter who would like to use their talents to help promote the spirit of National Dog Week next year.  By day’s end, he came through again, and a talented songstress contacted me asking how she could help!  I look forward to seeing all the creative endeavors in play as we join together to promote awareness of this special week and its potential.

Thanks to Robert and Orlando for sharing their story.  I hope my friends will help spread the music!