Brick Township Library Display Case for National Dog Week Awareness during September

 “National Dog Week is not only relevant, but is quite necessary now. First, our violent society needs positive issues to focus on. This is a healthy and encouraging subject. NDW helps counter the effect of prolific violent crime and violent sports has on our youth.

Second, our society is going through a transition period. Many Americans are changing from the old way of viewing our “pets” as mere personal property. That old dishonoring attitude is giving way to many Americans seeing their companions as valuable family members.

We, in this enlightened group, are recognizing our responsibilities as guardians (like parents) over these vulnerable family members. This will help reduce the number of “irresponsible pet owners” who surrender huge number of companion animals to shelters and pounds.” Thomas Cole, Founder of Shelter Revolution

Today’s Daily Pet Post: Rain Humane of Nassau County (Northern FL) needs HELP…On October 9 and October 13th, they need Walkers to ready pets for their ride on the RAIN Train to Broward County where they will get perhaps one more chance for adoption.  If you live in that area and can help contact

BLOG NOTES: Congratulations!  Our NDW Community Page has over 400 LIKERS as of today, October 7.  Our Canines on Canvas Contest ends at midnight.  You must LIKE and post your pooch on our page’s wall for a chance to win an original pet portrait by our NDW Artist, Donald E. Brown.!/pages/National-Dog-Week/218596591491974

This month brings us Adopt a Shelter Pet Month and Animal Safety and Protection Month. In honor of these occasions, Dr. Patrick Mahaney will appear in our next post in his ongoing role as our National Dog Week Pet Health Consultant.  He will discuss the vital role of Spay and Neuter initiatives in curbing the number of unhomed Companion Animals in the nation.  Plus, a special endorsement from the Pet Postcard Project’s Nikki Moustaki on the relevance of National Dog Weekbark on!

It was rewarding to see a widespread and greater awareness of this year’s 83rd Observance of National Dog Week.  I thank those in the media who mentioned my work, blog, and our National Dog Week Community Page that is growing steadily.   The Canines on Canvas Contest runs through October 7!/pages/National-Dog-Week/218596591491974 I hope to have some fun give-aways for each month, with some artwork or dog-related products…keep watching for announcements here.

Each day I will post a Link, a photo, a plug for a book that I think is fun, poignant, thought-provoking, etc…the Canine Clock tells me there are 50 more weeks and 352 days until NDW 2012…plenty of time to get it together~!

Although NDW was established in 1928, due to wartime and economic influences, it wasn’t always recorded in history, leading many to think it went unobserved at times, thus breaking up its timeline. But each year, it was given some notice in the nation, so it deserves its full credit for 83 continuous years served! Also, many think NDW ends tomorrow…but it has always been observed the last FULL week of September…that’s okay, a bonus week never hurt and yes, I KNOW most say every week is dog week, but National Dog Week is the source of potential for (here are seven for each day of the dog week):

Focus– it can be a time of organized reflection and action, each year a new theme can FOCUS attention on energy on a specific cause or concerns. Spay and Neuter issues, for example, face different challenges within specific regions of the country…each region could focus on these particulars to bring about effective change.

Fundraising – in addition to raising awareness, monies needed for these specific causes can be acquired through creative events in different parts of the country during this week. For example, parts of the country blessed with wineries could host “Canines among the Vines” – once again, areas of the United States can use their unique regional or seasonal characteristics to help a cause. Like I say, be creative.

Fitness – emotional and physical fitness can be promoted through our pets – NDW reminds us to keep an eye on our diets and to get moving – dog walking is a great opportunity for that. Service and Therapy Dogs can also help individuals with special needs be an active part of society.

Friendship – Many social connections are made among like-minded individuals over concern for our companion animals – the dog at the end of the leash can be a friend finder, too… a love for pets can be forged and cemented through social media and awareness can spread here, too.

Fashion – Many of my friends on Facebook are designers of doggy wear…perhaps National Dog Week deserves its own signature leash, collar or bandana…this can be both profitable to a business person and can also raise FUNDS!

FunNational Dog Week reminds us to take some time and really enjoy our dogs and human friends, visit a Dog Park or beach. Even schools and libraries can include our canines in an entertaining manner as a way to enjoy our dogs while educating our young about the special place dogs have in our nation’s history. I had the pleasure of sharing National Dog Week by sponsoring a booth at the Brick Township’s Dog Fest for The Pet Postcard Project and Covers for Critters (launched by Willie Wonka and Brenda Yohman Frick).  I also used our Township’s library display case to promote National Dog Week(see photos above and below) filled with some relevant books and memorabilia of Dog Weeks dog-gone by!

Hoops and I collect for Covers for Critters

Faith – I leave you here to fill in the blanks…certainly with so many humans looking out for over 70 million dogs in this nation, you must have some ideas of your own…I have faith in you, too.

Steve Duno's book "Last Dog on the Hill" on display. Steve has been a guest on this blog!