"HELP" NDW Poster 2011 Created by Donald E. Brown

“The dog was created [specially] for children.  He is the god of frolic.”  Henry Ward Beecher, American (1813-1887)

Please note, this post is from 9/20/11!

Today, on this second day of the 83rd Observance of National Dog Week, its Founder, Captain William Lewis Judy would have turned 120 and would no doubt be enjoying his special day with some of man’s best friends.  I also want to wish my brother, John, a very Happy Big Five-oh!  Welcome to the big league my “little” bro, you are in good company!

Last night I had the pleasure of ushering in the Week of the Dog with Dr. Patrick Mahaney, our NDW Pet Health Consultant and Laura Nativo, our Spokeswoman, in a segment for Outimpactradio.com.  I will let you know when it airs. We had a great talk about some hot pet topics and how the occasion of National Dog Week can promote awareness and enlightenment among pet lovers across the country. Laura and Patrick are busy promoting their televised specials to air on Game Show Network and Animal Planet respectively.  Congratulations to both.

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Here is a link from the TeddyHilton Blog with Patrick barking up National Dog Week in a big way! http://teddyhilton.com/2011-09-19-national-dog-week

As I mentioned in my last post, I am intrigued by the fascination young people have for animals, especially dogs.  Some kids, upon seeing one, react as if they’ve just seen Justin Bieber…even if it is their tenth sighting.  While taking “refuge” during Hurricane Irene last month, I enjoyed the gift of time with my nephew Gabe, and nieces Roxy and Olivia.  Olivia, as some already know, used to have a morbid fear of dogs.  But through experience (the family pet sat for a Border collie-mix for a time) and exposure to other dogs, she has become a great fan of them.  During the storm, this lively but bored 10 year-old announced to me she was going to start a dog blog of her own.  I asked her what her first post would be and she sat down to write. (Like I need more competition)…

Will Judy knew that there was a special bond between dogs and kids, even though, like me, he never had any children of his own.   In the 1930s, NDW Essay Contests were held with the young winner getting his or her writing printed in the New York Times! I am presenting an edited version of Olivia’s post below (with her permission) but the original is so darn cute, I almost hate to.  Please note, she received no prompting or coaching from me, these are her own thoughts.  Here, Olivia really captures the simplicity of what Judy conveyed in all of his writings.  Happy National Dog Week to you all!

Olivia and "cousin" Styles hit the road

A Dog’s Life through a Girl’s Eyes

Dogs, they’re a man’s best friend. But what are they?  Pets, friends, family; all those things…but how well do you know your family pet?

I used to be afraid of dogs but now that my aunts have dog, I just got used to them.  My Aunt Lisa, the National Dog Week organizer (her dog’s name is Hooper and is a “Pourchigees” [couldn’t resist] water dog).  My other aunt has a super sweet Pit bull name, Styles.

But the reason I am writing this is because some owners don’t treat their dogs right and I hope this blog will stop them because my aunts and I are dog lovers and we hate when a dog gets treated like trash and it’s not fair.  So I hope I can change people’s minds about treating their dogs bad because dogs are just like us. They have feelings and though it doesn’t seem like it, they do and when you treat them badly they feel it and it hurts, so please think about it the next time you think about treating your dog badly.  Think about my blog and remember about it and how bad you’ll feel that you didn’t listen.  That’s all for now.

Thank you Olivia…your message is loud and clear!

Dog-lover Livvie with Styles and Hooper