Dog Fest Captures spirit of National Dog Week

Thank you for all the searches that are bringing so many to this site today, the first day of National Dog Week!  Very excited to be recording a great segment for with Dr. Patrick Mahaney and NDW Artist Donald Brown this evening. Today, I asked Robert Cabral, Founder of Bound Angels and a guest of this Blog in July and August, for his take on National Dog Week…Robert is pictured here at a recent Fundraiser for Bound Angels in Malibu, CA.

Robert Cabral with l to r, Jennifer Landon, Cindy Landon and singer, Josh Bel

National Dog Week brings recognition to man’s best friend.  A deserving tribute to a creature that has walked by our side and slept at our feet for thousands of years.  Celebrating his life and legacy is a celebration of love and dedication.  To celebrate National Dog Week, please watch Orlando Brown’s tribute to dogs and their humans -HERO.” (Directed by Robert, too).

Brick, NJ is proclaimed a National Dog Week City!

Today, I thought it would be appropriate to share some photos of Brick Township’s (NJ) 2nd  Celebration of Dog Fest. My town even chose to proclaim itself a National Dog Week City!  I chose the occasion to collect for Covers for Critters and to have young people make Pet Postcards for Nikki Moustaki’s unique Pet Postcard Project.  In all, there must have been over 1,000 dogs and nearly double the humans. The spirit of these people and their dogs was inspiring.  Even the little dog named Jose, a mature Maltese who had just been dropped off  at the shelter the day before, seemed happy, even though he had not found a new home by day’s end.  Other dogs did, though, and that was nice to see.

I would like to personally thank the Brick Township Rotary for their hard work in presenting this Festival and for donating the material for the Pet Postcards.  My friends from the Ladies Auxiliary of Brick Township’s American Legion Post 348  supported me by bringing used linens and blankets to the Festival.  These items will be shared with local animal shelters.

Ready to make some Pet Postcards…

I would also like to thank Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Artist Donald E. Brown for their work on behalf of National Dog Week.  Their knowledge and talent have really helped me reach out to so many.  I truly hope we will continue to work together.

During this week, and beyond, I will look back at some earlier posts that inspired me and others. Please remember to go to the National Dog Week Community Page and LIKE us and Post a picture of your dogs to be eligible to win an original canine portrait by Donald Brown (ends on October 7).  I will also  present some of the special dogs I have come to know through this Blog on that page.

Hooper hiding among the Covers for Critters Collection

Today, like many times before, I was struck by how young people respond to animals.  As one little girl made a postcard today, she said, “I am so happy that I am helping dogs today.”  On that note, I will also be presenting an essay written by a 10-year old girl who exemplifies the true spirit of National Dog Week.  Children, without pretense or falsehood, are the true messengers of what this week is all about.

Some sweet postcards from Dog Fest

The spirit of National Dog Week remains strong, and I thank everyone who supports this blog, my writing and my efforts…by doing so, you are part of the history of this special Movement that can show no weakness…Its Founder, Captain Will Judy, would be proud.