“Respect your dog’s individuality: concede to him all the rights and privileges a dog claims for himself. He wants to be a normal dog – let him lead a dog’s life.”   Captain William Lewis Judy, Founder of National Dog Week

My very special friend, Bocker Labradoodle, with the help of his parents, has released a terrific new book called, CHASING BOCKER’S TALE.  Last week, I received my very own numbered and “pawtographed” copy.  Everyone who advertised in the book has helped to do good for some deserving animal causes.  With contributions from Michele Avanti and Stef Daniel, you will love its message and images. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ChasingBockersTale.

I am happy to announce that  Hollywood-based veterinarian, Dr. Patrick Mahaney will serve as the official pet health consultant for this year’s 83rd Observance of National Dog Week http://www.patrickmahaney.com/ Please also welcome Oregon-based artist, Donald Brown who will help capture on canvas, the spirit of National Dog Week in a fun event planned for September http://www.donaldebrown.com/ For more info about NDW and updates on my book, Every Dog has its Week: How Seven Days in September came to celebrate Dogs and the People who Love Them,  please see ABOUT.

 The following is my second talk with Robert Cabral…

On July 9th, I wrote a post about the talented Robert Cabral from Malibu, California.  Robert, Founder of Bound Angels http://www.robertcabral.com/ is an accomplished photographer and dog trainer who works with dogs that need some tender loving care and socialization to help make them the lovable pets they truly want to be.  When Pam Dzierzanowski, Director of Events for the Patron Spirits Company, told me about Patron’s participation in a fundraiser for Bound Angels, I wanted to share. Patron “mixed-it up” with some very special drink concoctions designed just for this event held on the grounds of the  gorgeous estate of Cindy Landon in Malibu, California. It is so great to see people enjoying themselves in such a beautiful setting, all for a good cause. From Hackensack to Hollywood and all points in between, people can come together to make some important changes in the way our animals are cared for. Everyone can do something…

Patron presents some special recipes just for Bound Angels

Robert is also a supporter of Shelter Revolution.  I asked him what he thought of Thomas Cole’s work on behalf of SR http://www.shelterrevolution.org/and he commented, “I think Thomas’ thinking is at the forefront of the revolution we are hoping for.  He is persistent and focused, and most of all, detail-oriented.   I’m certainly glad to be on the same side of the battle as Thomas.”

Please tell us about your sponsors for this event? The event was underwritten by Ms. Cindy Landon.  Sponsors included Cindy, Patron Spirits, The Annenberg Foundation and Rod and Stasey Summers.

Actress Jennifer Landon, Cindy Landon, Robert Cabral and singer Justin Bel

What was Patron’s connection to your cause? Patron was kind enough to sponsor our bar and liquor.  They created special drink recipes for our event.  It was a perfect addition to our event especially since Patron is my favorite tequila.

How many people attended? There were approx 180 people in attendance.

Please tell us a little about the event’s host Cindy Landon and her involvement in your cause. Cindy became involved with Bound Angels after we met at the first fundraiser 3 years ago.  She has been a steadfast supporter, benefactor and friend to Bound Angels and all the work we do.  She is truly an angel to all the animals we help through the work we do.

Was the event a success?  The event was a huge success, all of the funds raised will go to programs to save more animals at risk in shelters, educational and outreach campaigns as well as direct rescue work.

Robert talks it up for the dogs!

Do you have any other events planned? Coincidentally, there was another event benefiting Bound Angels the very next weekend on July 31, where my work with Bound Angels was awarded the PAL award by Chiquita’s Friends.   

 I understand you went to court a few weeks ago, can you tell us why and a little about what went on? There is new legislation in Los Angeles County that redefines the law relating to dangerous dogs.  This is dangerous as that it does not protect people from “dangerous dogs,” but contrarily puts innocent dogs with normal behavior at risk of being labeled aggressive and therefore at risk of being killed in shelters.  We are following this closely and are fighting it as well.   Bound Angels has fought several cases in court that have defended dogs wrongfully accused of being “vicious and/or dangerous.”

Thank you Robert, Cindy Landon, Patron Spirits and everyone who made this a successful event. It would be nice to see other companies follow the lead of Patron and use their products and services to help some special causes.  I think readers would like to hear more about your work with dogs in need and to be kept posted about the legalities that are facing the dogs of your area and all over the nation.

Robert Cabral – Founder
Bound Angels
“join the revolution”