“I like a dog at my feet when I read, Whatever his size or whatever his breed.”  Edgar A Guest, American  (b. England) 1881-1959

It is early Sunday morning and my dog, Hooper, is fast asleep at my feet as I write so I thought the above quote was especially appropriate for this “guest” blog post by Veterinarian, Dr. Patrick Mahaney of Los Angeles.  Patrick requested to review my book and I really appreciate this, but as he is a doctor and gravitates toward Non-Fiction for the books he reviews for his Blog, (not that he doesn’t enjoy Fiction),  I wondered how he would handle this.  I really enjoyed how he “examined” the animal characters, seeing them through a vet’s eyes, without compromising the emotional heart of the stories.  He will  present two more parts of his review and I can hardly wait to learn of his diagnosis for the other five “tails!”  Thank you Patrick…

Lisa Begin-Kruysmans Somethings Lost and Must Be Found: Six Short Tails of Inspiration on a Long Leash is an intriguing collection of stories profiling the familiar and otherworldly relationships between people and companion animals. In reviewing the tales, my scientific…read more via link below and check out Dr. Pat’s adorable Welsh terrier, Cardif!….

via Dr Mahaneys Book Review- Somethings Lost and Must Be Found by Lisa Begin-Kruysman Part 1.