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On Saturday, I took a ride over to the pretty seaside town of Manasquan, New Jersey.  Its quaint and thriving downtown, just a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean, was a perfect place for author Lisa Pliscou to promote her new kid’s book, DUDE: FUN WITH DUDE AND BETTY http://www.amazon.com/dp/0061756903/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=11866883139&ref=pd_sl_5did41qp0n_b

A "Bodacious" board outside of BookTowne

Lisa is the author of books for Young Adults and Children.  If her name sounds familiar, you may recall a post about her I wrote on March 8 of this year when she had recently launched her own Blog http://www.harpercollins.com/authors/35316/Lisa_Pliscou/index.aspx

When I met Lisa in person for the first time, she was set up outside of BookTowne, a small, independently owned shop established by Rita Maggio four years ago.  Lisa chatted comfortably with passerbys in a friendly manner, talking up her book, offering “Get Stoked” pins, cookies and a chance to win some nice raffle prizes; it was a well-organized event.   She confidently engaged with both adults and kids, signing several books on the spot!

To one man who stopped by, I pointed out the great images by illustrator Thomas Dunne.  When I opened the book to a page with a beautiful depiction of an Airedale terrier he exclaimed in an English accent, “Airedales are from my part of the world.”  He went on to tell me about all the dogs he ever had.  The surfing, burrito stealing dog of the story is named Bud, inspired by a pooch that belongs to Lisa’s neighbor.  A good surf story should always feature a great dog.

Bud is fetching in my signed copy!

While on-site, I also had the opportunity to speak to Mary Beth Pelly, the Event Planner for BookTowne.  She asked me about my writing and wanted to know if I would be willing to have an event there.  “I certainly would,” I explained, however, as only having my book available in a Kindle version, I am limited in that regard, but that just may change in the coming weeks.

I asked Lisa, an avid “Surf bunny” originally from California, if she had ever surfed the “cranking” waves of the Manasquan Inlet as I heard the waves can be “awesome.”  She hadn’t, but someone how I think the standard of awesome here in New Jersey might differ somewhat from that of California!  Through her book DUDE, Lisa has been able to share the quirky and colorful language of the surf culture, combined with some “retro” style images.  “Stokaboka!”

As a writer and an artist, I know how difficult it can be to promote what we create with head and heart.  But, if we aren’t out their sharing our creations, be it a painting or a book, no one will have a chance to enjoy it. Don’t “Harsh the mellow,” of these creative types. Pay attention as they present their gifts at arts events and book signings.  They are the people you want to support, the “quiet” forces who ignite our spirit of imagination and possibility, it would be a “bummer” if we were to “bail” on these spirited individuals who work so hard to impart some “righteous” works of word and art into the world.

I am so glad I took the time to go over and meet Lisa.  It was great experience.  I thanked Lisa for showing me how “it’s” done, said, “Later,” and got into my “cruisemobile” and made my way home.

Lisa signs a copy of her book

Read a review of DUDE: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/books/la-ca-lisa-pliscou-20110626,0,2135211.story