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Even back in 1928, the nation faced a problem with a large homeless pet population.  Will Judy, at the time the publisher of Dog World Magazine, a breeder, and internationally renowned dog show judge, established his National Dog Week Movement not to bring more dogs into the world, but to encourage American dog owners (and those abroad) to be better caregivers to the ones that were already here.  Now, nine decades later, have we done enough to embrace his mission?

Here is the second part of my interview with animal advocate “Willie Wonka” discussing his goal to have more animals spayed and neutered as one way to reduce the number of homeless  companion animals in the nation.  Here he talks about the health and behavioral benefits of having these procedures preformed. 

Please see Post of June 1 for the first part of this ongoing series.

Why don’t more people have their pets altered?  When I discuss Spay/Neuter now, I am certainly talking about every homeless animal first, and then every pet that is in a home that is not being bred. Unless they (the owners) specifically need them intact, these animals should be spayed and neutered.  It is healthier for the animals and there are no “accidents” – the 1000’s that happen every year. This needs to end – lazy and ignorant owners need to get responsible.  We need everyone to cooperate, or they’ll keep dumping puppies on country roads, or at shelters.  Either way, they die.

What do you say to those who don’t think these procedures are important?  Many are not aware of the health benefits of this procedure for their animals nor the harm that is done when their pets are allowed to have one litter.  The death of 5-7 million animals a year in Public Shelters is not the only reason S/N is important.  

Here are some other key points to consider:

 · Spaying your female dog before her first heat and neutering your male dog as close to six months as possible reduces tumors and some cancer possibilities by 200 times and will eliminate an infection of the uterus completely. In comparison, spaying a female before her second heat or waiting until a male is over a year old reduces the chances of tumors and cancer by twelve times.

 · The chances for developing breast cancer go down to almost zero if your pet is spayed before her first estrous cycle or heat (before she reaches sexual maturity).  Put another way, 95% of mammary cancer is eliminated when a female pet is spayed

· Early spays prevent unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. If your puppy or kitten becomes pregnant (puppies can become pregnant at younger than 6 months of age and kittens can become pregnant at as young as 4 months of age), it can be potentially damaging to her health, since she is very young. A young puppy or kitten is in no way suited for motherhood.

· If your male dog is neutered before he has learned to lift his leg and/or mount (at around 6 months of age), he most likely never will.  Neutering a male while he is young also reduces the desire to “wander ” away from his home.  Males tend to mellow out a bit.

Thanks again to our dedicated contributor, Willie Wonka.  Please watch for related posts about different organizations throughout the nation who are doing their part to help more pets receive procedures that will ultimately help them find homes and live healthier, longer lives.

If you would like to learn about low-cost spay and neuter opportunities in your community, please let me know and I will try my best to help refer your inquiry to the right party.