“People own dogs for varied reasons.  The reason is of small consequence; the important item is that the owners be worthy of their dogs.”  

Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week


My first collection of Short Stories, Something’s Lost and Must be Found has been published on Amazon and can now be downloaded on Kindle, IPAD, PC and IPhone.  http://www.amazon.com.  Early reviews have been very positive.  If you really enjoyed the stories, please be sure to leave a Review on my AMAZON page!  Also, if you belong to a book club, please consider having my book be one of your “reads.”  Something’s Lost and Must be Found offers some interesting and engaging points for discussions; not just for dog-lovers.

The book’s title is derived from a prayer to St. Anthony, patron saint of the lost (items, the poor, the troubled, and travelers).  I am sure we can all relate to the feeling of being completely (or a little) lost at some point in our lives.  It’s always nice to have a good dog by our side, to help us as we find our way.  May we all gain from our “losses.”

I started writing short fiction several years ago.  Why?  I love to write and because this kind of writing didn’t have to be lengthy, I thought it would be easy.  I soon found out I was wrong.  But, in the beginning, I was encouraged when some of my first efforts received Honorable Mentions in national writing competitions (including those sponsored by Writer’s Digest Magazine); some of them went on to be published.  Because of that, I stuck with it.  Since then I’ve learned that a well-written short story is deceptively simple and I’ve developed a new respect for the genre.  I am still learning.

Wanting to explore other formats, I began to draft a Young Adult Novel, a Children’s Book (both currently under consideration), and a major Non-Fiction project, Every Dog has its Week which is represented by the Parkeast Literary Agency.  I’ve also done my best to keep this Blog informative and interesting.  

It’s been incredibly rewarding to come to know so many individuals who are using their talents and energy to improve the way we treat our pets in this nation.  Now with over one-hundred posts, I thank my readers and those who have agreed to be interviewed and hope to present many more enlightening posts in the coming year. 

Here are some quick FAQs about Something’s Lost and Must be Found:

What: A collection of six short stories centered on a theme of lost and found; celebrating the search and rescue dogs of the soul (most of us have had one or two).  At a total word count of approximately 23,500, (they range in length from under 3,000 to 10,000 words) these stories were inspired by real life events, either experienced by me, my friends, news items, or stories relayed to me.  All accounts are fictionalized.  By engaging readers in the fictional genre, I hope to enforce the spirit of the posts that have appeared on the National Dog Week Blog.

Why: Because of the success of some of my writing friends, I was encouraged to try my “paw” at e-publishing.  The market for short stories has been rather limited and as many of these stories were just sitting all crated up on my computer, I thought that publishing them on Amazon would be a good thing. What good is being a writer if no one ever gets to read your work? I hope you’ll agree.

Who: These stories are targeted for an adult readership, although I believe that a mature teen-ager can appreciate them.  That is best left up to the discretion of individual parties.

And here is the best part.  A portion of the proceeds of all Kindle downloads will be earmarked for some worthy, grassroots causes that aid and assist animals in need.  If I can pay for some spay and neuter procedures, a tank of gas for a transporter, an adoption fee, etc…I will consider this project a success.  I am already encouraged by those who have contacted me about this new venture, expressing their support.

So I appeal to you, my friends.  Please download Something’s Lost and Must be Found and review it on Amazon.  Certainly with six stories, you can relate to one.  Hopefully, within the next month or so, I can happily report that this “experiment” is a great success. 

With your readership, I can help to “write” some wrongs one short story at a time, and perhaps inspire some of you to get out there and find the courage to follow your own dreams, whatever they may be.

SOMETHING’S LOST AND MUST BE FOUND: Six Short Tails of Inspiration on a Long Leash…read it and leap.