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“I like a dog at my feet when I read, Whatever his size or whatever his breed.”  Edgar A. Guest, American (b. England)  1881-1959

It’s National Reading is Fun Week and what could be more appropriate than a word from Bocker, the writing dog?  My good friend, Bocker the Labradoodle has a tale to tell and he’s asked me to help him get the bark out…Many of you are familiar with this big blond handsome boy.  I’ve written about him often.  To read more about Bocker, please see my post of September 23, 2010 

What is Chasing Bocker’s Tale about?  Chasing Bocker’s Tale (yes play on words) is just that.  Bocker’s own story. His life from his eyes.  Even as a very young pup, Bocker the Labradoodle pondered on where his life would lead, what was his purpose in life. Follow Bocker’s own tale of his amazing journey and how he has touched the lives of so many throughout the world.

How is the book helping animal shelters?  A major part of Bocker’s life has been lending a helping paw to those less fortunate than he is.  There are so many shelters, rescue organizations, non-profits that help both animals and children in need that Bocker has always willingly supported and his support has made a difference in so many lives.  We wanted these organizations to be recognized in his book so we created a section where individuals could sponsor whatever organization they supported.  We are asking for a $20 donation.  $10 will go directly to the organization and the other money will help us pay for the additional pages which will be added to the book.  The shelter’s sponsor’s name will be listed as well as the shelter/organization’s name and contact information and website.  These pages will appear in our first printing and any additional printings of the book, as well as the eBook, which will have a working hyperlink to the shelter’s website.  This will help bring attention to them and hopefully more donations.  More information can be found on Bocker’s website or on his Chasing Bocker’s Tale Facebook page.

Sounds very interesting. When will the book be available?  We are hoping that the book will be ready for distribution mid-summer. We wanted the book to be “Bocker-Worthy” so we are taking extra steps and extra time to have it printed the way we want.  The first edition will be a hard cover, collectible, limited run of 200, which will be numbered and pawtographed, and in color.  There will be lots of photos because we know with Bocker, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words! When we are ready to take pre-orders, Bocker fans will even have the opportunity to choose the number book they want.  We’ve already had requests to hold certain favorite numbers!

 How can people obtain a copy?  The book will be available online.  These details are still being worked out.

What really makes this book so special? As you know Bocker has a huge following all over the world. Quite amazing!  There are always so many questions about him and his life. There was just something in his eyes that said that his story should be told. There was always something very special and different about Bocker and from the beginning, it seemed that there was a reason for his existence.  He brings smiles wherever he goes and we feel his story will do the same. It is special because it is life from Bocker’s eyes and because he has made an impact on so many lives and is very special to so many.

Thanks for sharing Bocker.  I know how hard it is to get a book project completed, and then to let everyone know about it.  But it’s worth it; with our words, we can wag the world!  Make sure your favorite animal shelter is included in this worthy project!


Here is an update from the folks at the Big Pine Bark Park…. Congratulations…Bark On!  I love that place…
Dear Friends of the Big Pine Bark Park,
I have been waiting to write this e mail for well over 2 years now!!  We have our permits and will be breaking ground in the next few days, was supposed to be tomorrow but evidently the permits are not hung so it may be another day or so.  And a thank you to John King with Monroe County for your tireless efforts in helping make this a reality.   
The wonderful F&W fence company is giving us a killer deal on our fence and the owner – Jed – is volunteering his own time for this project which will amount to at least a complete weeks worth of work for him.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Jed!!  I really want to support him and his men and am looking for some of you to rally and bring them lunch / cold drinks, take them out to lunch in AC?   That sort of thing.  I am personally out of town so Sandy is your main contact for the going-ons of the week, please reach out to her at 305.923.9161 if you can help, so we can coordinate, it will be a total of 4-5 days. 
We may need some labor assistance in moving fencing / removing fencing, not quite sure yet what is going to be necessary but if you can help with that sort of thing also reach out to Sandy and let her know so we may call you if the time comes. 
Sometime this week hopefully the water line will be moved then the Pavers & signs and we will have our PARK!! 
I am sooo looking forward to seeing you all at the grand opening very soon!

Michele Adams