Welcome to my Blog, established to share the message of Captain Will Judy’s National Dog Week Movement in 1928.  Events like Woofstock capture the mission of that movement, bringing dogs and humans together in a positive way, not only during the last week of September, but year-round. To learn more about National Dog Week please see ABOUT.

I could say it was a beautiful sunny day in Islamorada, in the Upper Keys, but that would be redundant.  Except maybe during the Hurricane season, this place has the most-perfect weather around.  The Florida Keys offer the best of Mexico, California, the Virgin Islands, and Hawaii in many ways (I am very fortunate to personally attest to this).  In the Keys, you know you are still in the United States, and yet…that is what makes them so special.  There’s the bustle of places like Key Largo and Marathon, the sheer beauty of Islamorada and the Upper Keys, the rustic, stark attraction of Big Pine Key and the electrified tropical beauty of Key West.  And here’s the best part, mile for mile, the Keys are one of the most dog-friendly places I’ve encountered, as apparent in festivals like the second observation of Woofstock held last Saturday in Islamorada at Founder’s Park. 

At Woofstock, I met so many vendors “barking” about their products and services for dogs, watched dogs race about chasing Lures and jumping of platforms into a pool, and met some adorable adoptable dogs.

Upon leaving Woofstock, I literally ran into Sandy Tuttle who was just arriving with her dog.  Sandy is on the board of the Big Pine Bark Park and she had the exciting, long-awaited news that this week might bring the permits needed to continue work on their off-leash Bark Park.  As so many come to this site looking for news of the park, I promise to post news as I get it. 

For more information please go to http://www.keyswoofstock.com and http://www.marrvelouspetrescues.org. Here are some scenes from Woofstock, enjoy: I apologize with some technical difficulties with the captions…

A Chinese Crested goes for it on the Lure Course.

Two young volunteers "paws" to watch an event.A black lab snags some air-time before splash-down.Short one leg, but not on love!Could you be the one?

Made in the shade at the Marr-velous Pet Rescue Booth

This dog's got the Woofstock Spirit written all over him!A local band performs up on the amphi-theater...

This must be the waggin’ wagon.

Rich and Hooper search for shade and food.Could you be the one?