The most unselfish thing in the world is the dog…he asks no agent, delegates no responsiblity, does not stop to inquire what benefit he gets out of doing his work…” Will Judy, 1949

Welcome to my Blog, to learn more about National Dog Week, and its Founder, please see ABOUT…While away from home, I will continue my posting to the blog…stay tuned for an interview out of Las Vegas with my personal friend, the dog-loving, internationally renowned boxing ref, Joe Cortez (owner of five pups), fellow-writer, Lisa Pliscou, who will talk about her new website that will inspire you to “Get Stoked” while your kids wait for her new children’s book to be released in May, and an interview of me, conducted by my dog, Hooper…hey, it is a dog-centric blog and here in the Keys, dogs rule….and of course, an on-site report on the progress of the Big Pine Bark Park!

Congratulations to Nikki Moustaki who took to the airways on the Howard Stern Show on Monday on Sirius XM Radio to discuss her work on behalf of Nitro’s Law. It was very successful and brought a lot of attention to a very serious issue.  Congratulations to Nikki, Bocker the Labradoodle, the Nitro Foundation and so many others for getting Nitro’s Law Reintroduced…hopefully this bill will pass this time… (See my past two posts for details).

It all started with a Post on a Facebook Wall Post, and the fact that March 3rd is known as being “What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day?”  Let me explain.

Today, a Facebook Friend and animal advocate Gary Larson posted an article on his wall in which two men had been arrested in Arizona for procuring dogs through a Craig’s List ad and then doing appalling and unmentionable things to them (with the owner’s consent).  The tone of the article seemed inappropriate to me, (and to another Facebook Friend from Kentucky), and the ensuing comments about the article, which were insensitive and ignorant made it all the worse.

Backtracking just a bit, when I read that the third of the month would bring us “What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day” I thought it would make for a good light-hearted blog post topic.  For the record, this day is the creation of  Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays and Herbs.  But they are by no means the only ones who have posed this question.

Way back in the late 1940s, Will Judy, the man who established the National Dog Week Movement eight decades ago put forth the notion that the only thing that separated us from the dog is our ability to speak, use an alphabet and our  thumbs. He asked, “So, fellow sons of God, immortals, who think we are just a little below the race of heaven, take away your alfabet and your fingers, where would you be?” (He had his own whimsical way of spelling).

So I got to thinking, what if cats and dogs could use a mouse and keyboard to post comments and update statuses on Facebook which conjured up cute and funny possibilities and images. But judging from several news items of late things aren’t so cute and funny out there in the world, and perhaps it would be beneficial if our animals did have thumbs and voices, and the ability to fight for their own causes so that monsters who hurt and abuse them by exploiting “Free to Good Home” or pets for sale postings to obtain animals for use as bait dogs or other horrific purposes, are punished appropriately.

I know that bad things happen all the time to humans, with or without sites like Craig’s List, but most humans are capable of Free Choice and can play a role in their fate.  For the record, I and many others I know, have bought some great items like furniture, boats, etc. on these sites, but is this really a good place to offer living breathing entities of any species?  I know Rescue Groups use Craig’s List as a way to find homes for pets, and I know people who have gotten their pups through the site, but it still doesn’t seem right to me.

I am considering a Petition Site on this topic…should pet transactions on Craig’s List be banned altogether, or should there be more consideration and accountability be required on behalf the Craig’s List’s Management…I am making a serious inquiry so any effort can make some kind of positive difference.  Am I wrong? Please e-mail me at

When Will Judy began his National Dog Week Movement in 1928, his intention was not to bring more dogs into the world but to take more responsibility for the ones that were already here… Will Judy, trained in the ministry, and a decorated WWI veteran also wrote, “It requires more courage at times to speak up for another, to come to the defense of the downtrodden than to rush foolishly across the battlefield and later receive a medal for the daring.” 

Every day, everyone has the choice to use words, spoken or written, to help humans and animals, everywhere. They won’t win any medals, but those they helped will be better for it.