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Nitro’s Law HB108 (formerly HB70) was reintroduced on February 22, 2011. Please… Now it has to be PASSED, contact your Ohio Legislators now! http://www.house.state.oh.us/index.php?option=com_displaymembers&Itemid=55.  Among other places, Nikki was recently interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN and will talk with Howard Stern tomorrow, February 28th, at 7am on Sirius XM Radio.  Good work on the part of Nikki, Bocker and the Nitro Foundation!

There is no man so poor but what he can afford to keep one dog.”  Josh Billings, American, 1818-1885

Bocker the Labradoodle on the runway at a recent fashion event

 Steve Duno, author of Last Dog on the Hill: The Extraordinary Life of Lou is currently hard at work on another dog book.  Some have asked if there is a dog in Steve’s life now.  He tells me that there are two, “Flavio, shep/chow mix, almost 14 and Rico, a beefbrained pit/shep mix.” We look forward to hearing more about Steve’s new project…

February is National Spay and Neuter Month, and today, February 22nd was Spay Day USA…help put an end to the nation’s pet overpopulation epidemic and make sure you are responsible pet owners….not just during February, or today, but year round…If anyone can provide information on spay and neuter clinics that offer financial help to pet owners in different areas of the nation, or clinics please contact me at pst39crd@aol.com and I will post…thanks (or post a comment).

This was submitted by my Facebook Friend Pat Needham for those in Kentucky: Erik Fleming Regional Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic 9142 Morehead Rd. Flemingsburg, Ky 41041 phone 606 876-2697. They opened Feb. 22 and it is a very nice facility.

More news… Erika Friedman of Canine Celebration and Amy Calmann  are currently collecting Kong Dog Toys for shelter pets.  Kong toys, which contain a tempting “hidden” treat, help provide stress reducing activity for crated shelter dogs ultimately making these homeless dogs calmer and more adoptable.  To read more, please check out the Canine Celebration Page on Facebook.  Please watch for a related post…

As Nikki Moustaki’s “Eating Dog Food for Nitro’s Law” campaign heats up across media outlets, and in saute pans across America, she is bringing wide-spread awareness to the way state laws across the nation affect the way our pets are treated.  To read more about this, please see my previous post that features my interview with her or go to http://www.nitrofoundation.com.  Anyone who is a regular reader of these posts, or visits my Facebook wall will be quick to notice comments to and from, and photos of Bocker the Labradoodle as standard features in those places!  I met Bocker and his “mom” Marie in August of last year and again at Ada Nieves’ Pre-Westminster Fashion Show in New York on February 11.  Not only is Bocker an actor/model, he also works as a “literary assistance” dog, helping kids to read, and tirelessly works with his mom to help raise funds for shelter dogs.

Now, Bocker is joining Nikki to help bring awareness to her mission to get the State of Ohio to pass Nitro’s Law.  In these tough economic times, the voiceless among us are often forgotten, in this case our dogs.  Nitro, and several other dogs, starved in silence, at the hands of someone who purported to care.  Now, Nikki, and those who are helping her, hope that a bill that showed great promise won’t starve in silence also. 

Bocker is now eating human food in his effort to get Nitro’s law passed and in doing so, getting other states to take a look at laws affecting their pets. To learn how you and your dog (or cat) can get in on this good cause please go to http://www.facebook.com/bocker#!/photo.php?fbid=171947436185324&set=a.171947432851991.42880.171725899540811&theater.

I am sure dogs of America will only be too glad to help in this case…but they do so much, asking for so little in return, they won’t even know that they’re helping a good cause, as usual.