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NOTE: As the day of the pup-tials nears, Giorgio and “Lady B” are receiving so many nice wedding gifts…stay tuned for updates and a post about Ada Nieves’ plans for the big Pre-Westminster Show.  To read a nice review of my own artwork, please go to http://www.brick.patch.com/articles/brick-woman-uses-art-to-make-memories-truly-timeless.  A portion of my sales this weekend will go to a local animal shelter.  http://www.cbaartshow.org.

“Two little dogs who have made a huge difference in the world of animal rescue & awareness met, fell in love, and are getting married!”

This post features a lighter “tail” of the dog world, one that embraces the season of love and the generosity of the human spirit that exists among the New York City dog-community, and beyond.  I know some will think it’s frivolous, or worse, to write about dog weddings, and in the next post, Ada Nieves’ Pre-Westminster Fashion Show, but please keep in mind the proceeds from these events go to help a lot of needy pups, and give many humans a purpose, and meaningful work. So set your serious side off-leash for a moment, and smile as you read, I dare you not to…

Erika Friedman and her staff are busy getting ready for another fun Canine Celebration event, a Doggy Wedding to be held on Saturday, February 12 at PetCo at 1280 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York from 1-3 pm… I wrote about Erika and her business in posts in the Archives dated September 25 and October 21. http://www.facebook.com/pages/canine-celebration…/153991841277982.

The bride, Beignet, aka “Lady B,” is a Maltese from Clearwater, Florida, born on December 15, 2004; a Sagittarius, owned by Christina Ann Janssen. Beignet is a fashionista, and the inspiration for her mom’s business “Lady B. Couture”.~Clothing & Accessories for the “Well-Heeled” Canine! http://www.laboutiquebeignet.com/welcome/ Giorgio, who “belongs to” AuntChristine Pellicano, began his life as a puppy mill dog in a pet shop where no one wanted him because he was considered oversized for his breed. Giorgio, a Leo, turns 15 in July. As the Naked K9, Giorgio is the official greeter and head master of AuntChristine’s Little Dog House (a private bed and biscuit for Yorkies & Maltese) http://www.neighborhooddogs.com/ . He is passionate about his mission to help senior dogs in need. He even has his own website http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-K9/101351659919422 where he posts pets in need at NYC’s Animal Care & Control and the rescue groups that save these dogs. He uses this page to raise money for those rescue groups, including K9Kastle.   

Beignet & Giorgio met on Facebook last year where Giorgio asked “Lady B” to be his “friend” and included a note telling her how beautiful he thought she was. “Lady B” accepted his friendship and they have been posting on each other’s walls and reading each other’s status updates ever since. They finally met in person at Fashion Week 2010 where Beignet could not resist Giorgio’s fashion sense. That evening Giorgio surprised her with a pink “diamond” Bling Bone engagement ring. As both are born under fire signs, this pairing is definitely muy caliente!

Their “HuMoms” have become great friends bonded by their work as animal activists, rescuing fellow angels who have fallen to the depths of despair. According the Mother of the Groom, “Giorgio says he’s the luckiest dog on the planet to have won the heart and paw of Lady B. He’s not sure why such a beautiful young lady even gave him a second look. He doesn’t even have papers (except for his wee wee pads)! And he highly recommends romance to all the senior dogs out there. It makes him feel very young at heart.”

The ceremony will be performed by NJ Wedding Planner, Celia Milton and the following Reception/Pawty will be hosted by MC Mike. You can also take a chance on some fantastic raffle items (see http://caninecelebration.com for details).  Partnering with NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York, Erika has invited the stars of the new reality show Doggie Moms as guests. The show follows a group of New York City women whose lives revolve entirely around their dogs. http://www.animalalliancenyc.org.

Although all about fun, Erika reminds us that, “This event has so much meaning to me because it is not just a joining of two wonderful animals, but it is a way to bridge everyone; to promote awareness of the rescue organizations who work so hard and need our help. It is a fun way to get people together and enjoy a whimsical afternoon all knowing we are doing something wonderful on so many levels.” Due to the success of last year’s event, Erika expects many more people this year, stating, “I have grown so much since then. I have so many people reaching out to me who want to come on board. I feel so blessed to be in the position to do what I am doing.”

Children and dogs are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by an adult/owner. All proceeds from raffles are being donated to Mightmutts and Ollie’s Place, volunteer no-kill organizations dedicated to rescuing & rehabilitating the strays of New York City. They are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. http://www.mightymutts.org.

Good luck Erika and thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our beloved dogs!