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Dogs don’t mind being photographed in compromising situations.  Elliott Erwitt, American (b. France), b. 1928

Thanks again to Frank Simonelli, for sharing his personal story as a Pet Communicator in the previous post. Congratulations to Seattle-based author Steve Duno. His book Last Dog on the Hill: The Extrordinary Life of Lou is in its Third Printing  and will be available in paperback in late Spring. (To read more about Steve and his writing see Archives/September 21).  Upcoming posts will feature an interview with New Jersey  Dog Whisperer Janice Wolfe and some exciting developments over at Merlin’s Kids (see Archives/ September 14) as well as a profie of Oklahoma-based dog rescuer and “Transporter” Cindy Adams. 

From time-to-time I post about other pet-centric Internet sites and blogs.  There are so many good ones out there and I hope to share more with you this year.  Last year, I wrote about Josh Abrams and his highly social pet networking site, http://www.dogasaur.com and later, Gretchen Kruysman’s http://www.fetchdog.com  site that provides information on unique pet products and dog-related items.  

This post, presents Rich Bel, a hard-working pet blogger and director of his own celebrity-centered web site.  A recent visit to his site had me reading items about the dating habits of Lindsay Lohan, the potential earnings of Jon Bon Jovi, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, cast members of The Jersey Shore, and my personal fave, Bocker the Labradoodle (my dog Hooper’s heartthrob)!  There are also Link Exchanges for other pet-related sites and Blogs.

Rich likes to say that he resides on the Internet, and I believe this is true because he is a tireless, nonstop blogger, dedicated to his 3,500 plus Fans over on Facebook, and beyond!

Here, Rich shares his goals and ambitions for PETtell.

Describe your blog…why did you start it?  My original site is PETtell.com, a free social network for pet owners. Pets get their own profiles ( like people do on Facebook).  I realized the pet owners are very loving, devoted. And, they LOVE to take, and share, pictures of their pets. So, I start posting some of the pics on my blog. People loved that…

Why a blog about celebrities? While blogging, I was frustrated with all of the negative celebrity gossip sites. So, I started blogging about celebrities. Positive posts only! Within the first week, someone had commented on my blog. Now my Blog is about pets and celebrities (with emphasis on celebrities due to the fact people are not posting pics of THEIR pet).

While I have over 3,500 fans, I want people to post pictures of their pets. So, I can add THEIR pets to my blog. This is the fanpage where people can add pics of their pets: http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/pages/PETtellE/135848309774051

What is its goal or focus? What makes your blog different from other blogs?  My blog goal is to combine celebrities and pets on one blog. It is the first blog to do this, to my knowledge… I want people to be able to come to a blog about pets and celebrities where there are no negative posts!

 Likewise, I have created several interactive categories where I ask my audience their opinion. “Who do you think [this celebrity] should date?” “Put a title on this” “Caption this.” I have also created quizzes and polls. In short, eventually, I would like to be the most commented blog ever.

Thirdly, I want fans to join my Facebook Fanpage, so they can upload pictures of their pets to put on my blog for the world to see… There are a lot of great pet pictures!  Here is the page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/PETtellE/135848309774051

In short, I want to make my audience smile and bring some happiness when they come to my blog.

What is the hardest part about blogging? To me, the hardest part about blogging is getting people to know about it. There are 1,000 of blogs on the internet…

What is your occupation, or any other bio background you would like people to know?My “other” occupation is that I own a (free) social network for pet owners, PETtell.com, which I want to be the Facebook for pet owners…

Who do you think are the most dog-friendly celebs and who would you love to interview if you had a chance? WOW! Those are two very difficult questions. I do not know who would be the most dog-friendly celebs. I would assume all dog owners are dog-friendly, regardless if they are famous. Having said that, Fran Drescher has her dog in the media a lot because the dog is with her on TV shows and appearances…

And, I would love to interview Leonardo Dicaprio because I have been a fan of his since I was a teenager and he picks such a wide-range of characters to play. Plus, I heard, DiCaprio HARDLY gives interviews – Hence, it would be very special. I know Dicaprio just bought a turtle within the last couple of months because the blog of sphere went nutz about the story. A person has reached the “A list” when everyone blogs about the choice of his pet.

What pet-related issues are you passionate about? My passion is to create a community for pet owners, where owners can enjoy being with each other and bring as much happiness to their pet as their pet brings to them… I had two wonderful dogs growing up who were a critical aspect of my childhood and consequently, my life.

Thanks Rich. We wish you great success on all your endeavors…if you know a dramatic Dalmatian, a hammy hound, a stage struck shepherd or a Broadway-bound Bichon or if you’re Brad Pitt, or even Brad Pitt Bull, send Rich a picture or let him know about your event or news!