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“Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.”  Nelly Bly,  1889

Thanks everyone, your names are adding up.  Please continue to share!

Recent events in the news have had computer screens glowing blood-red and Facebook walls covered with words of anger and disgust.  And rightly so.  Which has prompted me to wonder, besides getting fighting mad, is there anything constructive that can come out of abject discouragement? 

First came the news that Missouri Senator Bill Stouffer had filed for a repeal of a bill that his constituents had passed to help thwart Puppy Mills http://www.yesonpropb.com/about/read-act.  After sharing this information on my Facebook Page, it was suggested that people contact the Senator to voice their concern.   Thanks to my “old” friend Judy Buxton, a Missouri native, for providing the contact information for Senator Stouffer.  ph-573-751-1507/toll-free-886-768-3987 or write to him at 201 West Capitol Avenue; Room 332; Jefferson City, MO  65101.  I e-mailed the senator reminding him that once upon a time, in his very state, another Senator named Graham Vest coined the phrase Man’s Best Friend and perhaps he would like to live up to that legacy.  If you feel so moved, I encourage you to follow suit.

Onto another disturbing topic now.  Last week, Michael Vick proclaimed that in the future, he would like to adopt a dog.  The word RAGE isn’t strong enough to describe the comments that sprung up all over the internet.  On the Facebook Wall of Steve Dale, Chicago-based Nationally Syndicated Pet Columnist (Tribune Media Services) many commented on his thought-provoking Blog post  at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/steve-dale-pet-world/2010/12/should-i-hop-on-the-vick-forgiveness-wagon.html.  I would like to thank Steve for taking the time to read a post of mine that commented on the Michael Vick situation back in March.  His continued interest in my book and work on the behalf of  National Dog Week is very much appreciated (after all, Will Judy, the Founder of National Dog Week called Chicago home).  Steve is a caring champion of both cats and dogs and if you have a chance, visit his Facebook Fan Page and become a Fan.

Over on Mark Zisk’s (Jupiter, FL) Facebook Wall, a lengthy comment thread led another Facebook friend, Ellie Parish of Long Island, New York to start a petition.  A frustrated Ellie imagined a future when MV, upon becoming blinded during an Eagle’s game came to rely on the help of a Seeing-Eye dog.  We all know of course, the all-forgiving loyal dog would most likely serve his master as is his duty and nature.  Ellie’s petition can be found at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/no-puppies-for-mike-vick.  When the petition has accrued 1,000 signatures, it will be sent to a variety of places.  Among them the NFL http://nfl.com/contact-us, The Department of Justice http://justice.gov/uspc/index.html or the ASPCA http://www.aspca.org/.

I already see some cynics asking how could a note to a Senator or names on a petition possibly change anything, how can it fight something as big and powerful as a highly paid athlete, a member of the NFL, how can an e-mail influence a Senator?  People like Ellie Parish and I truly believe in the power of “small” acts.  Maybe we can think of our small acts as a penny.  Today, most kids won’t even acknowledge them, won’t even pick one-cent off the ground.  But the older and wiser among us know that small change can add up to something big, eventually.  And like those pennies, they may even buy some thoughts.

I know everyone is busy, so I’ve kept this short.  There are a lot of links, and if you have trouble with any, please let me know, or provide the correct one.  Keep up the good fight, my Facebook Friends.  Your hard work can bring awareness and action.  Merry Christmas and much hopefulness to all.  Thank you for continuing to stop here and read.