Dogs get into the spirit of Hound-o-Ween

Welcome to my Blog, established to promote the legacy of  Captain Will Judy’s National Dog Week launched in 1928 to create a better world for dogs and is still relevant today in a nation where over 70 million dogs enjoy a special bond with the humans who love them.  To learn more about it, please listen to my interview with Renee Premaza at  (Click on Radio Show link).

 At Hound-o-Ween, dogs will trade “ticks” for treats, skeleton bones for milk bones, play with toys that squeal (not squeak), and will welcome bats, not cats “witch” is okay for one day (although dogs and people are encouraged to be nice to the cats in their lives)!  We love them, too.

Hound-oWeen is the creation of Erika Friedman of Canine Celebration in New York City and co-sponsor Metrosniff ( to benefit New York rescue group, Rescuzilla ( .

So many terrific sponsors have donated their time and services that will be raffled off at the event.  Among them, J Mikel of Fur NY, Babette Haggerty’s Dog Training and NYC veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Bressler.  Cupcakes provided by Purple Elephant will be enjoyed by all and Eric Ferrar, pet photographer will be on hand to take five by seven photos of your costumed pet.  At 2:30, judging will begin for best pet costumes.

Remember, Halloween can be a scary time for our pets.  The constant knock at the door of noisy humans in “disguise” can spook any pet, and watch it as you open the front door to greet trick or treaters, your pets may take that opportunity to flee out of fear. Also, don’t share your treats with your pups, chocolate is not good for dogs, and did you know that xylitol, found in a lot of sugar-free products, can be lethal to dogs?  Thank you to Deanna Vicera, of Freehold, NJ for bringing this to my attention.  To read more about this please  go to  And please don’t force your pets to wear a costume if it is apparent they aren’t comfortable.  Be smart, be safe, and enjoy the day.

To learn about Erika and her business, Canine Celebration, you can read my interview with her in my Blog Archives (9/25) or go to or visit her Canine Celebration page on Facebook.

Stay tuned for a Blog about Carla Gambescia and her Dogs in Party Hats Fundraiser, and a story about how dogs can educate our kids in some special ways…