So far during this, the 82nd observance of National Dog Week, we’ve heard from renowned New York City dog trainer, Babette Haggerty, Houston Dog blogger Ryan Rice, and Seattle-based author Steve Duno.  On this, the Fourth Day of National Dog Week we speak to Gretchen Kruysman of FetchDog, a “leading online destination for dog owners to shop, learn and socialize.” 

FetchDog features items from Gates to Crates as well as quality dog products like beds and travel items.  There are blogs and articles relating to all things canine as well as a “Health Library.”  Check out FetchDog if you need a special gift for National Dog Week or you and your dog are getting ready for Hound-0-Ween or some other fun party.

 For the record, although Gretchen and I share an affinity for sailing, and dogs, and a last name, as far as we know, we are not related!Thank you Gretchen for sharing your site with us during National Dog Week…

Why did you launch FetchDog?

Our mission is to help dog lovers enjoy their relationship with their dogs with best products we could find and expert information about caring for their dogs
What makes your site stand out from the pack of dog oriented websites?

I think what dog lovers enjoy about our site is our great dog photography that you can see at

When was FetchDog launched?

 Our website launched in the fall of 2007

Please tell us about the FetchDog staff.

FetchDog is a small company based in Portland Maine. There are 15 of us humans who are all dog lovers plus lots of other “pack members” who help us out.

Tell us about FetchDog’s special celebrity connection.

Actress, Glenn Close is one of the co-founders of FetchDog and writes a blog for FetchDog called Lively Licks. Glenn is a long-time dog lover and currently is devoted to two mixed breed terriers, Jake and Billy. In Lively Licks she has interviewed other celebrities and dog owners, including returning war veterans with PTSD who rely upon specially trained service dogs.

Do you have any canines on staff?

We have a number of “staff” dogs including: the first pack member, my English Cocker Spaniel named Gracie; Emma the food-snatching Spunoni; two dogs named Lucy – one the Office Queen a 16-lb Cairn Terrier and the other a sweet,shy rescued black Lab; Buddy, the biggest dog in the pack; Denali, a grey-muzzled chocolate lab that is the oldest dog in the pack..and more…

What will your dogs be doing during National Dog Week?

For National Dog Week, we’ll be spoiling our dogs with an excess of love, long dog walks, special treats and our undivided attention…which of course is what we aspire to do every week for our dogs!

 I would also like to thank all those bloggers and writers who took the time to talk to me about my work and writing.  You can access those interviews at:

FetchDog...Unleash the Love (but not the dog)!