In searching the Internet for items about National Dog Week, the work of Ryan Rice of the Houston Dog Blog stood out.  In a time when pet overpopulation puts the lives of so many of the nation’s dogs in jeopardy, I thought his recognition of Will Judy’s National Dog Week Movement really exemplified the real meaning of dog week .  Congratulations to Ryan and his dog, Isabella, and the city of Houston Texas for their efforts for the betterment of the American Dog!  To read more about the Spay Neuter Assistance Program and his fundraiser, Pupcakes with a Purpose go to

Celebrating the true meaning of National Dog Week!

How long has the Houston Dog Blog been in existence? 

My blog started in July of 2008. 

Why was it developed? 

I started as a way to highlight all of the great groups, events and activities for dogs in Houston.  I also wanted a forum to talk all about my sidekick Isabella! 

How did you find out about National Dog Week? 

 I found out about National Dog Week from surfing the web for great dog-related celebrations! 

Are you surprised that so few dog lovers know about how and why it was begun back in 1928? 

I am.  I think it is such a great way to celebrate man’s best friend and their impact on our lives.  Also a great time to promote all the great groups doing amazing things for dogs in need! 

Do you think people want to know more about it and how it is still relevant today? 

I definitely do!  I find that our passion for pooches is growing so rapidly and we are all starting to celebrate the importance of dogs in our lives! 

Can you tell us a little about your background? 

My background started in non-profit PR with an emphasis on healthcare.  After working for many years in this arena, I decided to follow my passion and work with organizations that supported animals.  I have been doing PR for numerous groups since and have loved stepping out of my comfort zone and into the blogosphere.  It has been so rewarding to meet so many great people and hear of so many great groups, products and activities! 

Tell us about Isabella and any other dogs in your life? 

Isabella is a thre-year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Isabella is my constant companion and sidekick.  We work together, play together and do everything together.  I am also lucky enough to have other furry kids and our lives revolve around them 

Please tell us about the dog scene in Houston. 

The dog scene in Houston is so exciting.  We are a huge city with a true passion for animals.  Each day, more and more is being done to highlight our city’s love of animals and to help animals that are less fortunate and in need of a voice.  I am proud to be representing Houston animal lovers and proud to call Houston home! 

Tell us about your Pupcake fundraiser and SNAP. 

Three of Houston’s top pet resorts, Rover Oaks, Urban Tails and ABC Pet Resort, joined forces to present this event to celebrate National Dog Week, while also raising much-needed funds and awareness to support spaying and neutering as a way to help combat animal overpopulation.  This marks the first time the resorts have partnered for a cause and we are honored that they chose to help SNAP!  Throughout the week, pet parents can celebrate their love of their pets by purchasing a celebratory Pupcake, with all proceeds benefitting SNAP.  SNAP provides high-quality, low-cost spay, neuter and wellness services throughout the greater Houston area and operates a free mobile clinic to help those who want to do the right thing for their pet but lack the funds.  It is a true representation of a community organization…helping the community and being an active advocate for Houston’s animals! 

Will Judy started National Dog Week not to increase the amount of dogs in America, but to take better care of those that we have already.  Ryan and Isabella and the dog lovers of Houston exemplify Will Judy’s mission.  On a special note, today marks the 119th observance of the birth of Captain Judy who no doubt resides in dog heaven!