Welcome to my Blog, a place for humans who have a “Weekness” for Dogs.  On Sunday, September 19th, The Brick Township Rotary and WOBM will sponsor Dog Fest at Windward Park Beach on Princeton Avenue.  Dog Fest will welcome over 400 dogs and their humans, embracing the spirit of Will Judy’s National Dog Week which will be experiencing its 82nd observance in Brick Township, and in all corners of the nation.  To learn more about Dog Fest, and National Dog Week, please go to www.examiner.com/general-pets-in-newark  and be sure to check back here for updated posts throughout the month.

 Thank you Greater Media and the Brick Times for your coverage of my work on behalf of National Dog Week…it was so appreciated….and…Congratulations to Josh Abrams; his Dogasaur Facebook Fanship has grown to over 200,000.  His site, http://www.dogasaur.com  is a virtual dog park, a place where dog lovers unite and share their love of man’s best friend!  A special thanks to Josh and his crew for helping me spread the mission of Will Judy’s National Dog Week Movement (Sept. 19-25).

Last Monday, the nation celebrated Labor Day, an occasion dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker.  With unemployment rates remaining at Depression Era highs, so many I know wish they had a good  job to celebrate.  While many Americans are out of work, the nation’s dogs never stop.  Whether herding (emotionally and physically) protecting, detecting, serving…the term Working Dog really can apply to dogs of all Breed Groups. And don’t forget how many jobs the pet-industry provides; groomers, vet techs, trainers, handlers, shelter workers and caregivers to name a few. 

My first Blog post appeared in January.  Since then, my whole world has changed with every new person who comes to give support and guidance, and information.  I am thankful to them all.  During these weeks of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month, leading up to National Dog Week, I promise to provide interesting and eye-opening posts including interviews with artists, authors, rescuers, trainers, coaches, and so many other people who work to enlighten us about the purpose of the Dog. 

On the first day of Dog Week our canines will  give to us the gift of unconditional love, a gift  that can not be matched by any store-bought item or grand gesture presented to them by their humans. The following is taken from my first post of January 4th….

There are too many dog books.  There are never enuf good dog books.”   Captain William Judy, 1949

Captain William Lewis Judy was a publishing dynamo, and the ultimate dog enthusiast.  For 36 years, he served as publisher of Dog World magazine.  The Captain liked to reinvent words in his quirky way, enough became “enuf” and of course rough became “ruff.” In the late 1920s, he helped to establish the National Dog Week Movement.

In its heyday, NDW was quite the spectacle, with hundreds of dogs and large crowds watching in awe on the grounds of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, and elsewhere.

I unexpectedly happened upon the story of Will Judy and his mission to honor the nation’s dogs in a  meaningful way.  His work and life inspired me to start writing about NDW, as sadly, it has fallen out of favor, sort of like a new puppy can a few months after being received as a Christmas present.  That’s unfortunate, because its message of how dogs make our lives better each and every day  is an important one.

Throughout this process of writing and research, I’ve learned a lot from helpful editors, publishers, and agents who have been generous with their feedback.  My friends and family, and those in the dog-industry have also been very supportive.  In time, I hope to acknowledge as many as possible.

While these posts do intend to help sell a book, it also aims to educate and inform those who seek effective ways to help the dogs of the nation by sharing this story of how seven days each year bring seven more reasons to celebrate our pups!  And maybe, if I do my job, dogs, and their humans can once again “Rock On at the Rock” one warm September day in the near future.

Will Judy also advised, “We cry out against the flock of volumes on the canine-but our cry only adds to the chorus of barking inasmuch as each author thinks or thinks he thinks his book is the masterpiece of the pack, the lead dog in the library. Therefore, the reader must be the final judge.”

At the very least, I hope that if Will Judy was still with us today, he would deem my efforts as good “enuf,” and that my future readers will be fair, and appreciative!