Welcome Dogasaur Fans and Facebook Friends! Thanks for visiting my Blog about my National Dog Week project. Yesterday, over 500 of you took the time to read! From all your posts and comments, it’s clear many of you feel that every week is dog week.  But National Dog Week  brings the opportunity not just to be better humans to our own dogs, but to make sure the lives of all American dogs are protected and respected.

What am I doing for dog week? I’ve approached a local school about adopting Nikki Moustaki’s Pet Postcard Project during National Dog Week.  I also spoke to Jim Erskine, Commander of American Legion Post 348 about a way we can help some deserving military dogs.  And of course, I continue to write about Will Judy and his National Dog Week movement. But I can’t do this without help, so get busy thinking of what you will do for dogs during those seven special days in September…..plan a party, a donation drive, get your bookstores and libraries to have a “dog day” devoted to our canines…adopt if you can, or volunteer your time at a shelter…..and then LET ME KNOW! 

This came in today, 8/18, from the Dogasaur fan page…

On September 18th, we celebrate the one year anniversary of bringing Butters into our family. ..funny it happened during National Dog Week.

My story is about a little nine pound fighter trying to survive during a time period that Atlanta w…as seeing some of the worst flooding in 100 years. How he got where he was, we haven’t a clue…but many neighbors were trying to rescue this fast and afraid little guy for three days. Finally the rain stopped and I was resuming my daily walks with my neighborhood children and my dear sweet dog Amos.

On our approach down the street we saw the little dog that was capturing the neighborhoods attention for days; eluding many attempts to rescue him, but this time Amos was the key and an innocent child of 5 as well. As we approached, Butters was lurred to Amos and his peaceful spirit; and as he was he was also drawn in by my little dog whisperer of a friend Marlissa; she bent down…extended her arms and he crawled in…and into all our hearts forever. The rest is history….

Our lives have been changed by this funny little dog who is Amos’s best friend forever. We always thought Amos was an only dog…but this nervous little blond haired boy taught us otherwise. He’s not nervous anymore; he is a very confident, funny companion that captured our hearts immediately and truly consider him a gift.

Melissa Slaughter

Thanks Melissa…Enjoy your special anniversary with Butters…Stay tuned for NDW news and some great interviews and reviews…and posts about issues concerning out dogs.  Now back to our original posting…

My book project, Every Dog has its Week is now represented by the Parkeast Literary Agency.  Every Dog has its Week documents a quirky, but meaningful slice of doggy Americana.  Following the history of an 82-year old tradition, this book presents the current state of the dog in the states of the nation in a thought-provoking manner.

The book is centered on William Lewis Judy, founder of the National Dog Week Movement, who long before television, and the internet used a typewriter, a pedestal phone and the power of his words to make life better for the deserving dogs of America.  Every Dog has its Week also credits the work of the late Captain Arthur Haggerty performed on behalf of dog week.  Captain Haggerty, often referred to as the “Grandfather of American Dog Obedience,” was a huge  fan of Captain Judy.  The book’s Foreword is written by his daughter, Babette Haggerty.

As I’ve unleashed this story, CEO and founder of www.Dogasaur.com, Josh Abrams has been a great resource.  Much like Will Judy, Josh has dedicated his life to the mission of “making our dogs’ lives better, even if only by a little each day.”  Last week the Dogasaur Face Book Fan Page (www.facebook.com/dogasaur)  achieved an incredible milestone announcing it now had over 100,000 fans, making Dogasaur the fastest growing dog-centric social networking site on the Internet. Congratulations to Josh and his devoted following.

With over 70 million dogs taking up residence in our nation, let’s honor man’s best friend by keeping the bark in National Dog WeekRescuers, breeders, groomers, vets, obedience trainers…..anyone who cares about, or works with dogs, if you love them plan something to show them just how much for this National Dog Week (September 19-25).

Please send your dog week stories for Every Dog has its Week to Lisa Begin-Kruysman at pst39crd@aol.com.  Please put NDW Story in the subject line.  Hooper, my Portuguese water dog, looks forward to reading them.