I have so many topics of a serious nature to write about, and my apologies to those who have asked me to discuss certain dog related subjects, and those people I have interviewed.  It’s been a hot month, and a major writing endeavor has taken on new life that has kept me writing almost around the clock.  (I am NOT complaining)….Right now I just don’t have the brain cells to make much sense, so I’ll have a little fun instead.

A glance at a list of some zany “holidays” has given me some “paws” for thought.  As you now, we are now in the heat of the dog days (for me it’s more like the dog-daze).  And I also see that the month of July brings us National Doghouse Repairs Month.  If your dog has its own house, and it needs a coat of paint, a new rug, wide-screen tv, or whatever, please get to it before the month is out.  I have seen articles and shows about deluxe dog houses and some are nicer than my own.  In all seriousness, if your dog does rely on outdoor shelter, make sure it is in good shape for your dog’s safety and health.

And of course, I couldn’t help noticing that the first week of July was Be Nice to New Jersey Week!  How could I have missed that??  This appears to have been started in 1985 to help this much maligned state with its image.  Hey, as a Jersey Native who has lived elsewhere, only to return again, and again, you know what you can do with your week….cuz we don’t need no stinkin’ help!  If everyone who complains about living here would move, it would make it better for the rest of us, and those of you who come here to vacation only to tell us what’s wrong with everything about their stay here, well  just stay away next time, and take your trash with you….My apologies to anyone who was nice to us during the first week of July!

Anyway, nothing like blowing off a little steam.  On a lighter note, earlier this month it was National Unassisted Homebirth Week.  I don’t have any kids, but if I were to, that is one weekly observance I sure as hell would eliminate.  And for you weather buffs, tomorrow is St. Swithen’s Day.  St. Swithen was a bishop of Winchester (England) who was known for his charitable donation and for building churches.  It is said that what ever the weather is like on July 15th, expect another 40 more days like it.  Now that is good news for us here at the Jersey shore as it will be hot and sunny tomorrow.

Now, I bring it back to the dogs.  Today, Hooper met her new petsitter who will be watching my dog Hoops in her home for a few days.  This woman came to meet us tonight, and now we have to go to her house for phase two.  Our first “interview” went well, so I think it’s a match.  For those of who travel, and have dogs, having a trusted caregiver can ease the mind.

And on a serious note, tonight I extend my condolences to the Lender family on the loss of their mother, Janet.  Janet was a lovely person, with a beautiful voice who will be missed by my husband Rich, and me.