Today, for those who fear snakes, was Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day!  Apparently, in some areas of the continent with a cobra problem, residents are urged on this day to come out at high noon and holler “Fudge” as a way to scare slithering snakes into hiding.  I don’t know about you, but when I heard this, all I could think of was chocolate covered snakes.  This practice may account for the absence of cobras on the boardwalks of some New Jersey shore towns like Cape May, or Pt. Pleasant during the summer season, or it might just be the high property taxes.  Here in the Garden State, I don’t think “Fudge” would be the word of choice.  For the record, it is also something called “Bubba Day” (you can do your own research on that one) and Leave Work Early Day, something I didn’t test out because I’m sure the Principal of the school I was working at would fail to see the humor.

On a more serious note, the month of June also brings us Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.  We may be a nation obsessed with our dogs, but in actuality, there are more cats owned as pets in America.  And as much as I love dogs, I have cared for more cats in my pet-owning life time.  I have had some crazy kitties, and all came to me, and my family, as strays, except one named Morrie, who came to us when my brother, Matt, answered a classified advertisement in the newspaper.  Matt, and Morrie, have both moved on to a better place, but another one of Matt’s cat’s, named Peta, a stray he brought home from a work site, is enjoying “retirement” on my parent’s sofa up in Hackensack. 

In April, I wrote an article for the about the Feral Cat Population in Pt. Pleasant.  Due to the hard work of some animal loving individuals, many feral cats have been trapped, neutered, and released, and some have even found permanent homes.  Again, part of the solution to our nation’s pet overpopulation problem goes back to responsible pet ownership like making sure our cats and dogs are spayed and neutered.  If you can’t adopt a cat or kitten, please make a donation to the rescue groups who help them.

On a lighter note, June is also National Rivers Month (keep ’em clean so kids and dogs can swim in them), Children’s Awareness Month, and one that won’t be popular with the vegetarians of the world, but popular with dogs, National Steakhouse Month (I do not make these up, people), and Meet a Mate Week.  Our dogs can actually promote human interaction, and the companionship that can result (I know people who have met at dog parks). 

In mid-June, there is something called Superman Week, and although I think it is meant for the likes of the Clark Kent School of Superman Hero, I like to think that it is intended for all the supermen and women who work everyday to harness the power of our pets, and to make the world a better place for them.  Not just those who are alive and well today, but people like Captain Will Judy, who back in 1928 launched National Dog Week to honor all the ways dogs helped man in times of war and peace.  I really have enjoyed sharing his story as I write my book.  He is definitely a man who deserves his day in American history, and I will make sure that this happens.

And on one more related note, I need to point out that June also presents Watermelon Seed Spitting Week followed closely by National Prevention of Eye Injuries Week.  Somehow, I think the two may be related.

So, if you forgot to yell “Fudge” today at noon, go out and buy a pound for yourself and your friends.  Hope this made you smile as you recover from the three day holiday and work toward the next weekend!

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