John Kremer’s newsletter tells us that today brings the 4-H Club Birthday (a group that definitely promotes kindness to animals), a  sobering look back in history with the Kent State Student Memorial Day, and the absurd, Highway Wedding Day (I can’t find anything about this one, sorry, but I’m sure you can make up some fun scenarios).

But to stay on topic, I’ll  focus on the pets, and animals in our lives.  Be Kind to Animals Week was initiated way back in 1915, by the Humane Society.  The week helps to get the message out to young people to speak out for animals, report animal abuse, and to appreciate wildlife.  With the sad news of the BP oil disaster in Louisiana, it’s a perfect time for educators to teach children about the impact humans have on the environment, and the disastrous effects it can have on animals.

National Pet Week was launched in 1981 by the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVVMA).  This year’s theme is “Pets and People-Healthy Together” bringing to light the obesity epidemic among the American pet population.  I will be writing more about these two observances for the Newark Pets Examiner later in the week.

While on Facebook earlier today, I discovered a page just for Portuguese water dogs.  As you probably know already, I have an eight year old “Portie” named Hooper.  Hooper is a piece of work.  Recently, a kid who spent the day with her told me, “your dog is like a little person in a dog suit.”  My first article for the was titled “At Home with a Portuguese water dog.”  You can still read it by going to my Facebook Page or googling Newark Pets Examiner.  That’s Hooper in the photo.  Anyway, when I went on the PWD Facebook page, I was excited to see that my article was displayed there!  I also learned about an author, a fellow-Examiner,  who wrote a children’s book about Porties, something I hope to learn more about.

As for my writing experience, it continues to travel a twisting path.  Each week, I am sending out more requested material, chapters, proposals; discussing options.  In the meantime, another project I had placed on hold, while I “went to the dogs,” has received some attention.  As a writer, you never know what you are going to find in your in-box each morning, sometimes it’s like being in a House of Horrors, and some days it feels like the Fun House.  You never know what’s ready to jump out at you around the corner.  You just have to be prepared. Which reminds me, the deadline for the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition is nearing.  I have a nice entry this year, and yes, it’s about a dog!