My apologies for not writing here in a week.  I’ve accepted a position as an Examiner (Newark Travels with Pets) at, and I’ve been busy learning the ropes. I learned of the position  while visiting the Dog Writers Association of America’s  (DWAA) site.  As an Examiner, I will be writing about pet-related subjects in New Jersey.  You can view the first two posts on my Facebook page.  I am listed as Lisa Begin Kruysman (no hyphen).  When an article is published, I will be sending it directly to my page. 

This Blog will continue to focus on the writing of my National Dog Week Project.  I’ve kept it on a short leash lately, trying to make progress each day.  I will also Blog about pet-related issues from other areas of the world, and include some information on the topics of art and writing.  I like writing the Examiner articles, with their tight focus and style, they are a good exercise in getting “write” to the point!

My next two Examiner pieces will cover some Fundraising events.  The Point Pleasant Animal Welfare Committee’s Spring Festival, and Babette Haggerty’s  “Bark this Way” walk for the American Cancer Society Bark for Life event (both taking place next weekend).  To sign up for that, or make a donation, visit Babette’s site at Babette is the daughter of the late, great Captain Arthur Haggerty, the legendary dog trainer who was also a big fan and supporter of National Dog Week.

In my “absence” I forgot to wish all of you pet lovers a happy Responsible Pet Owners Day on April 18.  Keep up the good work.