Aside from Goofy, and Pluto, there are no dogs allowed at the “Big Mouse House,” in Orlando, Florida.  So, for the first time in her life, Hooper experienced her first boarding, but not before enjoying a romp on  St. Augustine Beach, and treats at a downtown cafe.

My visit to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom came about when my husband learned I had never been there.  I went reluctantly, but, as an artist,  I have come away amazed by the attention to detail those “imagin-eers” employ in the creation of all those attractions.  Also, as a former Human Resources Recruiter, I am in awe at the number of people that theme park must hire every year.

The day was sunny and warm, and the crowds not as bad as I had anticipated.  By mid-morning, however, my husband commented he felt like a big mouse himself, on those long lines, like a mouse going through a maze for a treat.  Very fitting, I thought.  By mid-afternoon, just after the Small World attraction, I found myself wishing for one called Davey Jones’s Liqour Locker, or Wine Country:A Napa Valley Adventure.  By early evening, we were looking forward to escaping the crowds, strollers, and kids experiencing melt downs due to sensory overload!

One of the quieter attractions I enjoyed at the park was Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progression where an automaton narrates about the way times have changed since the turn of the century, taking the audience from the days before electric lights, to our modern Wi-Fi universe.  But what struck me most, was that in each new scenario, a robotic, but life-like dog named Rover never moved from his master’s feet, steadfast in his role as Man’s Best Friend.  Times may change, but the dog remains beautifully, and dutifully, the same, something exemplified by National Dog Week. 

Hooper survived her time away from us, staying at the Preppy Pet Suites in Orlando, a growing dog-care franchise.  Owner, Pat Shriver informed me that Hooper even played with other dogs for an hour!  Despite her doggy fun, Hooper was sure glad to see us.  I heard a woman who ran a dog shelter once say, dogs who find themselves removed from their owner’s, even temporarily, respect and appreciate their care from whatever source, living in the moment.  However, when reuinted with their people, they rejoice, honoring that strong bond that exists between dogs and their “special”  humans. 

Hooper settled down quickly, happy to be back on the road with us.  Due to computer problems, postings will be sporadic, stay tuned….