Tomorrow, before the sun comes up, the three of us, dog, husband, and me, will be making our way down to Florida.  We have made this trek at least a half dozen times. To entertain ourselves, we sing to Hooper, and last time, as I drove, I made Rich write down all the words from those cheesy billboards for the South of the Border attraction in South Carolina.  Anyone who has made that trip knows what I’m talking about.

I intend to continue posting as much as possible, but for those who are just beginning to read my posts, I would just like to take a momemt to define what it is I am trying to do here.  The other day, a reader at a publishing house wrote a perfect synopsis for my book.  Respecting the privacy of the house, and without giving too much away, he understood what I was trying to do by writing a book about National Dog Week.  Now, as I travel, free from household burdens, and trying to eak out a living, that understanding will help to give me incentive as I finish this daunting project hopefully by late April or early May.  (If you go to the posting of January 4,you can read more about it).

Last night, I drove Rich crazy trying to watch the Olympics, Amercian Idol, and of course the Westminster show.  It occured to me that each show was all about competition, be it a gold medal, the Best in Breed designation, or the title of American Idol.  All parties  involved, human or otherwise, had arrived at their respective events, after a long period of trials and tribulations, but to paraphrase Dick Button, it really came down to all of them showing up on that particular day, and doing their best at that particular moment.  That’s a good way to approach everyday of life, actually.

It’s unfortunate that some PETA protestors tried to mar the festivities at  the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  It seems that just before the “Best in Show” title was about to be announced, a few irate people holding signs that read “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs Chances,” and “Mutts Rule,”  tried to disprupt the ceremony.  Didn’t they know that throughout the entire event, Pedigree, and the American Kennel Club, were raising money for animal shelters, and encouraging pet adoptions of all dogs, purebred and otherwise?

When Rich went in to New York City to retrieve DJ (registered show name CH De Ja Blu Deal Me In) he was excited to see some of the dogs that were among the seven finalists.  He said it was like sighting celebrities.  DJ seemed to take his “losses” in stride, nuzzling Rich’s ear as they drove toward home.  I do have one correction about my earlier posting.  Gail Bodisch is DJ’s breeder, not his Handler.  That role goes to Rebecca L. Carner.  If you search “Photos from the,” you’ll see a beautiful photo of Rebecca in a red dress showing DJ on February 15.  It’s a fantastic image.  DJ and Rebecca have been working together for a year and a half.

Well, it’s off to another night of competitive TV watching, but the only thing I’ll be competing for is the Clicker.  In all these competitive scenarios, where everyone wants to be the best, I feel bad for those who don’t make the cut, but to me, any person, or animal, that gets this far is a winner in my book.

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