After a series of snowstorms have paralyzed my beloved Garden State, I am really looking forward to a weekend filled with some fun distractions.

I love the Olympics, and always enjoy the Opening Ceremonies.  And now it seems the Olympics are not just for humans, for those dogs sure seem to love their fun in the white stuff, too, and can be very good winter sportsters.  A recent item on AOL showed Tillman, a four-year old Bulldog, showing off his snowboarding technique at the site of the Winter Games.  And for those focused on Love, Sunday may be more your thing when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Dogs make very good matchmakers, too.  Another article, I believe posted on Paw Nation, told stories about how dogs bring couples together.  The article quoted Mary Lee Nitschke of Linfield College in Oregon as saying, “Pets attract comments and that opens the door for conversation.”  I always advise single friends to get, or borrow, a cute pooch to help them get out and socialize. 

And of course, don’t forget that Big Dog Show over at Madison Garden in New York City.  DJ is groomed, and ready to show, and we wish him luck.  Details will follow, as we keep an eye on our shaggy boy from the Jersey Shore.

The photo top left shows another dog enjoying the extreme winter sport of canine free flying.  My nephew, Zac, and his girlfriend, Masha adopted Cooper (not to be confused with Hooper), a Lab-Pit mix over a year ago.  I can’t believe the Christmas before last, I could hold Cooper in one hand. 

Okay, the answer to that trivia question asked a few days ago:  What dog, called a terrier, is actually a member of the Herding Group? Answer: The Tibetan Terrier.

Do you know how many breed groups are judged at the Westminster show?  Also, bonus question.  What is the registered AKC name of President Obama’s Portuguese water dog, “Bo?”  Anyone who answers one of these questions correctly, or subscribes to this Blog, can submit a photo of their dog, and your personal “dog tale” to be presented in an upcoming Blog.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day!