Instead of exhibiting and circulating at the Christian Brothers Art Show, I am snowed in once again here at the Jersey shore, a place not usually hit with so much of the white stuff.  Ironically, family and friends up north are getting not a flake!

At home, getting some writing done, lots of good dog stuff is coming my way.  My sister just called to tell me that the Smithsonian Channel’s dogumentary, “Unleashed,” was on-its the story of the famous dog parades held in Santa Barbara, California, a friend just gave me a heads up about a Dogs 101 episode on Animal Planet featuring Portuguese water dogs, and another friend just told me about being thrown out of a friend’s apartment building in Washington, DC, because their dog, Molly, a small lab mix, exceeded the building’s 25 pound weight limit for all resident and visiting canines!  Apparently, a new building manager bent on enforcing all rules literally demanded their departure during the advent of the “Snow-pocolypse” as the weather forecasters are calling it. That building, and its management, apparently are not counted among “Man’s Best Friends.” 

Last night, while enjoying the wine and food at the CBA Art Show, another friend and I chatted about my National Dog Week project and Blog.  She got quiet, and sheepishly asked, “I’m not so sure what a Blog is, and why are you writing one?”  Well, I explained that a writer needs to reach out to the public to elicit excitement for the projects they are working on.  When I reminded her that mine was about dogs, she was hooked.  Especially when I asked her to tell me about her personal experiences of adopting  two greyhounds.  Although her beloved dogs passed last year, I think there is probably another dog in her future.  I will share that story soon.

So, to all who do not have a foggy notion about Blogging, you are not alone.  I like to think of it as my “column,” filled with some interesting facts, touching on little known American “tails” of history, current events, and stories that connect dog lovers to a place in history, and to each other.

ANSWER TO TRIVIA QUESTION:  According to the Jack Russell Club of America, the populr Jack Russel terrier is in no way associated with the American Kennel Club! 

Next week I will be writing about a local Old English sheepdog that will be making its first journey to New York City to compete at the Westminster Dog Show.  I may call that series, “The Real Jersey Dogs of the American Kennel Club.”  Enjoy the “Hooper Bowl” as my dog calls it, or the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet if football is not your thing.

Next question: Which dog breed that is officially called a Terrier is actually not in the Terrier group?

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