In searching the Internet for items about National Dog Week, I happened upon a post on Dogster: For the love of dog Blog.  Written by Horst Hoefinger, the article discusses ways to celebrate NDW, including one about taking your favorite four pawed friend out to dinner with you!  He even listed pet friendly eateries that will let your hungry hounds join you at mealtime.

I don’t know where you live, but here in New Jersey, taking a dog to a restaurant, or even a bakery, could net you a hefty fine in most cases!

When my husband, Rich, and I make our annual roadtrip to Florida, we always travel with our 8 year old Portuguese water dog, Hooper (photo to follow soon).  We have found the areas of Amelia Island (a beautiful place) St. Augustine, and the Florida Keys to be extremely dog friendly.  In St. Dog-astine, we’ve had Hooper dine with us (she sat next to me in a booth) and then curled up at our feet at an outdoor cafe.  At the famous Pepe’s in Key West, I recall a huge Akita brushing past me to reserve a seat at the bar for his owner, a regular.  Later, I sat next to a Jack Russell terrier at alocal bar!  This year, I will be sure to bring my camera to catch these scandalous scalywags at their favorite “watering bowls.”

Anyway, I enjoyed the spirit of Horst’s article.  We can’t always take our pets with us, but it’s nice to know respsonsible dog owners can have some fun in unusuals ways sometime.

In Key West, I am sure to encounter individuals who will have some interesting ways to celebrate National Dog Week this year.

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