“There are too many dog books.  There are never enuf good dog books.”   Captain William Judy, 1949

Captain William Lewis Judy was a publishing dynamo, and the ultimate dog enthusiast.  For 36 years, he served as publisher of Dog World magazine.  The Captain liked to reinvent words in his quirky way, enough became “enuf” and of course rough became “ruff.” In the late 1920s, he helped to establish the National Dog Week Movement.

In its heyday, NDW was quite the spectacle, with hundreds of dogs and large crowds watching in awe on the grounds of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, and elsewhere.

I unexpectedly happened upon the story of Will Judy and his mission to honor the nation’s dogs in a  meaningful way.  His work and life inspired me to start writing about NDW, as sadly, it has fallen out of favor, sort of like a new puppy can a few months after being received as a Christmas present.  That’s unfortunate, because its message of how dogs make our lives better each and every day  is an important one.

Throughout this process of writing and research, I’ve learned a lot from helpful editors, publishers, and agents who have been generous with their feedback.  My friends and family, and those in the dog-industry have also been very supportive.  In time, I hope to acknowledge as many as possible.

While these posts do intend to help sell a book, it also aims to educate and inform those who seek effective ways to help the dogs of the nation by sharing this story of how seven days each year bring seven more reasons to celebrate our pups!  And maybe, if I do my job, dogs, and their humans can once again “Rock On at the Rock” one warm September day in the near future.

Will Judy also advised, “We cry out against the flock of volumes on the canine-but our cry only adds to the chorus of barking inasmuch as each author thinks or thinks he thinks his book is the masterpiece of the pack, the lead dog in the library. Therefore, the reader must be the final judge.”

At the very least, I hope that if Will Judy was still with us today, he would deem my efforts as good “enuf,” and that my future readers will be fair, and appreciative!

I look forward to hearing about the ways people throughout the country have, or plan to observe National Dog Week this year. 

Countdown to dog week: 260 by my count.  This year’s week of the dog appears to coincide with Respect for the Aged Day (in Japan) A good reminder not to forget about the older dogs of our nation that need special care!